‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Guide: How to Increase Inventory Space

By Allan , Updated Feb 28, 2017 09:01 AM EST

In the world of “Horizon Zero Dawn”, players can collect various in-game items that can be used to create new and powerful weapon ammo, boost stats and a lot more. However, the default inventory space is not enough to hold all the items a player needs so increasing it is a must eventually. So this article is all about guiding players how to increase the inventory space of their character in the game.

To increase the allowed items in the inventory, Primagames report “Horizon Zero Dawn” players just need to go to their inventory menu via the touchpad and go to the Crafting tab. Then just find the Carry Capacity section to see a list of options that players can unlock by completing its required actions. This section will eventually offer more choices as the player progress through the game and accomplish each option.

Inventory Options in the Game

The options offered includes the Weapon Satchel which holds the weapons, Outfit Satchel to hold the outfits, Resources Satchel to keep all resource items, and the Modification Satchel to keep all outfit and weapon modification found according to Polygon. There is also Potions Pouch for keeping potions and Traps Pouch that holds Flame, Shock and Freeze traps.

Next are Quivers called Hunter Bow Quiver and Sharpshot, War Bow Quiver, Bow Quiver that both holds arrows for different bow weapons. And ammo pouches that hold different ammunition for different weapons namely Ropecaster Ammo Pouch, Tripcaster Ammo Pouch, Sling Ammo Pouch, Rattler Ammo Pouch, and the Blast Sling Ammo Pouch.

Upgrade Inventory Capacity

Upgrading the capacity of each inventory category in the game requires finding different items in the game. This ranges from bones, animal skins, Glinthawk Lens and much more. Aside from the items, it will also cost the player money and time but will all be worth it once the upgrade is complete. More inventory space means more items to keep that will make it easier for the player to make their characters stronger in “Horizon Zero Dawn”.

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