Microsoft Xbox Live Creators Program; Quick Game Publish To Xbox One, Windows 10 Now Possible

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 02, 2017 04:03 AM EST

Microsoft has announced the new Xbox Live Creators Program. This will enable the developers a quick publishing of games to Xbox One and Windows 10.

Microsoft's Xbox Live Creators Program Integrates Xbox Live Social Experiences

Previously, Microsoft has allowed game studios and the developers to self-publish games on Windows 10 with Xbox Live and Xbox One through the ID@Xbox program. Now, with the new Xbox Live Creators Program that features simplified certification process and requires no concept approval, the developers will now be allowed to publish their games immediately to Xbox One and Windows 10. Both are noted to have the capability of integrating Xbox Live social experiences like presence, sign-in and leaderboards among others in their games.

Microsoft also announced that developers who want to publish their games immediately to the Xbox One and Windows 10 with the simplified certification process without concept approval may choose Xbox Live Creator Program. On the other hand, those who want to take advantage of more Xbox Live capabilities, get efficient marketing and development support or be featured in the Xbox store must apply to the ID@Xbox Program.

Meantime, reports indicate that sign-ups are initially limited. However, Microsoft is set to open up the program to the all this Summer, MS Power User reported.

Microsoft's New Creators Program Opens Gaming To Broader Spectrum

While Microsoft allows Xbox One to become an open platform, meanwhile, there would be some conditions. According to reports, there will be a one-time charge of at least $20 to begin, as the games will be included in the "Creators" section of the company's digital store. In addition to this, any games in the Creators program will not be able to make use of the Xbox Live service for online multiplayer.

Microsoft's no approval process clause may likely allow anyone to release the game anywhere with the help of the Universal Windows Platform technology of Microsoft. This means that the players can not have access to a wider range of games from a broad range of developers, Business Insider reported. Watch Xbox Live Creators Program here:


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