Nintendo Switch Performance Gets Boost With Easy Replacement Features; Two Bundles Available

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 28, 2017 09:08 AM EST

Nintendo Switch has been torn down to figure out more of its hardware. Furthermore, a massive leak of the company's developer documentation surfaced online revealing that Nintendo has tweaked the console in the run up to its imminent release on March 3.

Excellent Build Quality and Elegant Design Featured On Nintendo Switch

It is said that the documentation leak only confirms what has already been discovered on the Nintendo Switch. First off, the Nintendo Switch packs a 4,310mAh, 16Whr battery that may take up a good portion of the internal space and may be easily replaced by the end-user. Moreover, the Nintendo Switch is held together by screws making taking apart and putting back together easier than the gluing used in recent smartphone and tablet designs.

The Nintendo Switch also includes a detachable MicroSD card that sits on top of the heat-shield. Moreover, the 32GB of eMMC NAND Storage on the Nintendo Switch is said to occupy its own mini-daughterboard instead of being soldered directly on the mainboard. Hence, Nintendo may produce premium SKUs with more generous storage capacity more easily while retaining the same mainboard.

Moreover, Nintendo is said to have added a new mode designed to beef up the handheld performance. Note that developers may now choose a 384MHz GPU clock which is a 25 percent increase in compute power in comparison to the default option of 307.2MHz.

However, note that the option is only available to developers. As such, users may not choose between the two. Adjustments have also been made to the available memory bandwidth as the 1,600MHz option will now only be available in boost mode to the docked Nintendo Switch while 1,600MHz support on the handheld has been deprecated, Eurogamer reported.

Nintendo Switch Screenshots Revealed

Meanwhile, those who opted to pre-order the Nintendo Switch revealed that there are two bundles available for the console. Note that both bundles cost $300 with one sporting two gray controllers and the other blue and red controllers, Business Insider reported. The bundle also comes with a wrist strap and power and HDMI cables.

Nintendo Switch features a detachable Joy-Con which may be attached to the Switch table. Then, the Joy-Con Grip turns the controllers into a more traditional gamepad. However, the Joy-Con Grip that comes with the Nintendo Switch may not be capable of charging the Joy-Con. Note that the controllers should be re-connected to the tablet while docked for charging. Watch the unboxing below:


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