Latest 'Overwatch' Patch 2.05 Changes On Fire Alert Cue

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 03, 2017 06:16 AM EST

Blizzard Entertainment has finally updated "Overwatch" with its latest balance patch version 2.05. The new update reportedly brings about the anticipated Bastion tweak, which is supposed to make him more viable for players to select during matches. Several other heroes have also received some minor balance adjustments which supposedly enhances the gameplay experience. Moreover, sources have also discovered that an unannounced tweak changes the On Fire alert in game.

The on fire mechanic in the team-based shooter is an in-game feature where a player is prompted by the system due to their great performance during the match. It notifies the user that their actions might possibly increase their chance of being tagged as the "Play of the Game". According to Game Rant, the alert was previously subtle as the audio cue was only played for the top-performing hero's user.

Team members can also check which player is currently doing well in any given match through the in-game menu. Overwatch players just need to look for the character portrait with a blue fire burning around it. It reportedly marks the team member that is currently On Fire. Doing so is apparently difficult mid-match as the icons cover the screen and the game does not actually pause. In the latest 2.05 update, the audio cue is played for all team members during a match.

For some users, the team-wide audio alert might seem useless, but reports have noted that several people from the player community have requested the improvement previously. The notification can apparently settle some team arguments about certain characters being labeled as useless, says VG24/7. If that entire team hears the audio alert, it might help user prove that their actions are considered top-notch by the system overall.

Besides the latest On Fire audio alert update, Overwatch update version 2.05 also introduces the server browser and Capture the Flag, along with new maps for new custom game type. It seems like the developer continues to deliver great content support for the shooter, especially with the latest buzz about the 24th hero being introduced soon.

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