'Voez' Possibly Hints That TV Mode Might Be Optional For Nintendo Switch Game Developers

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 01, 2017 03:43 AM EST

The Nintendo Switch is obviously prepared for its official launch this week, but some surprising details have recently cropped up about the console and its games. It seems that the Nintendo game system will have games that do not support TV mode. The reveal focuses on a rhythm title called "Voez", which was previously released for mobile devices. It appears that the game will not feature docked option with Joy-Con controller and can only be played with the touchscreen in portable mode.

Rayark, the developer of the game, confirmed that the game only works in "mobile mode," since "button operation is not available". Game Rant notes that the setup might be ideal for gamers who prefer the touchscreen controls, but players who prefer the more tactile feel of the Joy-Con controllers might think otherwise. Another thing to consider might be the battery life of the Switch, which has been observed to be on the short side so far.

The developer's decision for "Voez" seems like a surprising move since Nintendo has told its consumers that the Nintendo Switch is not limited to portable games only. It is reportedly a home console first with a portable feature, according to what the company has advertised. The game's decision to only feature a portable control scheme is admittedly strange. However, considering that the game initially has touch controls on mobile devices, it might be understandable why it does not have a Joy-Con control scheme and TV mode available.

Sources are reportedly worried if more developers follow this trend. Gamers could be flooded with mobile game quality products, which stray from the ideal suggested function of the Switch. Some reports are more interested if the company decides to port some of its well-received mobile game over to the Switch.

According to Eurogamer, "Voez" is apparently the only Nintendo Switch game that can be played on portable mode only. Some sources suspect that the game might pave the way for more mobile game developers to take an interest on the Switch like Rayark.

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