'Street Fighter V': Kolin Officially Available As DLC

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 02, 2017 04:51 AM EST

The second DLC character for "Street Fighter V" Season 2 has become available for players to purchase with fighter money or unlock with their season pass. The Playstation 4 and PC fighting game welcome the enigmatic Kolin as a playable fighter with the latest update. Once unlocked, players will be able to check out her Story mode and check out her battle strategies through the trail mode.

Players with extra fight money can also choose to purchase her premium battle costume or her nostalgia costume, which changes her appearance back to how she looked like in "Street Fighter III". Game Rant reports that publisher describes her as a formidable fighter that is a master of the Russian martial art called Systema. She is loyal to Gill and works together with him to fulfill the "Prophecy of Miraha" and will stop anyone who threatens her master.


Kolin is considered as a unique character in "Street Fighter V" with her ability to control ice. Her V-Skill is called Inside Slash and allows her to parry the opponent's physical attacks and immediately follow up with a counter attack. Players should note that fireballs cannot be countered by this move.


Third-Eye is her reversal move, which allows the character to sidestep and roll away from her opponent similar to Nash or Rashid. However it places her somewhere closer to the opponent for a possible counter or mix up attack.


Shoryuken notes that her V-Triger is called Diamond Dust, where she kicks towards the ground and a blast of ice runs along the ground. The attack has a unique property, which freezes the opponent's stun gauge. If the attack stuns the opponent, it leaves them in a frozen state instead of the dizzy animation. She can perform the move two times before her meter runs out.

"Street Fighter V" now has Kolin and Akuma for its season 2 DLC content, while four more characters are still unknown. The game's producer Yoshinori Ono has previously announced that the remaining DLC characters after Akuma are all brand new, which is proven with the most recent release of Gill's assistant. Capcom continues to support the fighting game and has promised fans continued content releases in the future all the way until 2020.

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