‘Pokemon Go’ News: Gym Overhaul, Legendary Birds To Come This Year

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 08, 2017 05:45 PM EST

"Pokemon Go" is set to receive multiple major updates this year. Among these include the much awaited release of the legendary birds and the major gym update.

"Pokemon Go" Gym Mechanics Will Be Overhauled

To make more "Pokemon Go" players participate in gyms, Niantic is set to overhaul the gym mechanics. As revealed by a redditor, there are a lot of overhauls that can be expected to arrive this year.

"Pokemon Go" gym system overhaul marks the first in the three major updates for 2017. In addition, the legendary Pokemon is also set to appear this year, while Niantic is also believed to fix the problem about spoofing.

Based on reports, Niantic plans to change the rec centers to underline cooperation and give rewards to more individuals for their interest. Meanwhile, "Pokemon Go's" legendary birds are also reported to appear this year, including another big update, Bitgon reported.

"Pokemon Go" Gen 2 List Reveals Best Picks For Battles

A number of new "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 characters were reported to be included in a series of spreadsheets and infographics. According to reports, the data are based on the new mechanics such as the double weaknesses, and the old mechanics such as defenses, attack power and dodging.

Based on the "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 rankings as well as  more comprehensive compilation of the "best" move set of every Pokemon tested, reports suggest that some interesting Pokemon appears in the forefront. It should be noted that Blissey and Tyranitar occupy the top spots, although it was previously reported that Bissey must have Hyperbeam and Pound as she moves to become a Tier 1 attacker.

Aside from this, the bug or fighting type Heracross is also part of the Tier 1.5, with Gen 1 favorites Snorlax and Flareon, Mic reported. Watch  Mewtwo, Legendary Birds and "Pokemon Go" UPDATE 2 (2017)


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