Nintendo Switch Sports Free BSD Kernel Just Like PS4; Stickers Can Damage Switch Surface

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 07, 2017 03:35 AM EST

Nintendo Switch is now confirmed to sport the Free BSD Kernel. While previous reports claimed that the kernel is Linux-based, latest reports revealed that the Free BSD Kernel is more akin to the Unix than to the Linux with several similarities. In the meantime, gamers who love putting stickers on their consoles may have to handle the console with more care, which may mean doing away with adhesives.

Nintendo Uses Different OS For The First Time

It should be noted that the use of the Linux-based or Unix-based OS is said to be a first for the makers of the Nintendo Switch. Previous consoles like the Wii U, Wii and other Nintendo consoles have always featured proprietary Nintendo software.

Furthermore, previous rumors also claimed that the Nintendo Switch may use a version of Android since the console is said to be powered by an ARM processor which is a popular CPU architecture used on smartphones. Apparently, Nintendo is not the only one using the Free BSD as Sony is also using a version of Free BSD for its PlayStation 4 operating system while the Xbox One uses Windows.

The OS is said to be used for the under the hood aspects of the Nintendo Switch, as there is little resemblance to the desktop OS, Nintendo Today reported. The console also uses the Webkit Internet browser which is another open source platform used by Google Chrome. The Nintendo Switch also featured Apple's Safari browser as well.

The Use Of Stickers And Skins On The Nintendo Switch May Cause Surface Damage

In other news, latest reports reveal that applying skins, stickers or other similar types of adhesives on the Nintendo Switch may cause damage on the surface of the Joy-Con controllers or on the console itself, IGN reported. Apparently, the company that makes skins for various electronic devices like game consoles, revealed that the coating on the Joy-Cons may not play well with any kind of adhesives. The company further tested adhesives on multiple Nintendo Switch units with the same results.

Nintendo Switch as well as the Joy-Cons are said to be incompatible with vinyl wraps as well as other adhesive-backed skin. Hence, dbrand is canceling and refunding all pre-orders received for Nintendo Switch skins and further cautioned customers not to buy a skin for the Nintendo Switch. The adhesive manufacturer Slickwraps also confirmed the issue. In the meantime, watch a Before You Buy Review of the Switch below:


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