Nintendo Switch Launch Day Lookback: PlayStation Italy Tweets Hilarious Posts, Switch Logo As PS Sales Increase In Japan

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 10, 2017 03:56 AM EST

PlayStation Italy made something hilarious to divert the attention from the Nintendo Switch launch in most countries across the globe. According to reports, this was done through a funny troll.

PlayStation Used The Nintendo Switch Logo

In an image posted, a red square that apparently designed to copy the Nintendo Switch logo, a caption is written "Tomorrow is a special day for the world of gaming". This was also followed by another caption that says "PS4 is yours" with a mention of the price - €199,99. Reports also suggest of a tweet that states "PlayStation 4 knows how to surprise you".

This PlayStation funny tweet seems to advertise the current price cut, which is happening in several retailers in a number of European countries, slashing the price of the PS4 by 33.33 percent. Reports indicate that this aims to divert the public's attention, and likely a portion of the buyer's money, away from the Nintendo Switch launch.

Incidentally, PlayStation UK congratulated the rival console manufacturer on the launch, although continues to draw attention on "Horizon: Zero Dawn." However, the company also mentioned that now is an amazing time for gaming whatever adventure the gamers play this weekend. Meantime, the image included in the PlayStation Italy tweet can be found online, Dual Shockers reported.

PlayStation Increases Sales To 64 Percent In Japan

PlayStation 4 sales in Japan have increased by 64 percent last week, based on the latest data from Famitsu, which was a courtesy to the new PlayStation 4 titles in the Japanese Top Ten. According to reports, the top game among all of them was "Nier: Automata", which debuted right at the top of the charts following shifting of 182,762 units.

Furthermore, reports claim that it is a strong start for the action role-playing game from Square Enix and Platinum Games. However, "Super Robot Taisen V" of Bandai Namco claims the second spot on PS4 and the third spot on PlayStation Vita, selling a total of 180.155 units altogether, MCV reported. Watch PlayStation 4 here:


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