‘Pokemon GO’ Gen 2: 49 Monsters Expected To Arrive

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 15, 2017 09:44 PM EDT

"Pokemon GO" fans are looking forward for the additional 100 Gen 2 pocket monsters.  However, the new additions will not arrive in a single drop.  Several of them will also not be acquired by hatching eggs and is estimated not to bring in the planned new Pokemon.

"Pokemon Go" Gen 2 Will Not Be All Available By Hatching Eggs

Game developer Niantic has not released the details for the second generation Pokemon, but it is speculated to be delivered in increments over the course of several months.  It is also believed that players will not be able to collect all of the new ones as fast as the first generation.  

It is also suggested that the total number of new Pokemon will not even reach a hundred, because several of them will not even be coming from eggs.  They can only be acquired by catching them directly from the wild, Forbes reported.

The "Pokemon GO" characters that needed to be caught are Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Hopip , Houndour,  Lanturn, Marill, Murkrow, Snubbull, Sunkern, Swinub, Teddiursa and Totodile.  The report also pointed out that even if the players are aware what they need to watch out for, they also need to be aware if the Pokemon is available in their respective regions.

By doing some computation, seven Gen 2 babies already debuted last December, around six legendary mythic Pokemons will also not be available because the studio has not figured out just yet on how to release them.  Eight of them will require Gen 2 evolution items, so it is taken out of the original 100, and then there are several more. Overall, it is expected that there will only be 49 Gen 2 Pokemon that will arrive.

Game Developer Niantic Is Said To Be Teasing The Community With Its Big Update

Additionally, "Pokemon GO" developer has reportedly been teasing its community for the arrival of Gen 2.  The studio is said to have sent out messages promoting the arrival of their next update.  There are also rumors that the latest update has already been released, according to a report from Birmingham Mail.

However, gamers cannot see any sign yet of the big update. The last prominent one happened last Dec. 12.   Watch the "Pokemon GO" trailer video here:


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