Play ‘Demon’s Souls’ For PlayStation 3 Via RPCS3 Emulator; 2 Atlus Games Revealed

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 15, 2017 09:40 PM EDT

Hardcore game fans of "Demon's Souls"  can now have a chance to play it on their PC via the RPCS3 PlayStation 3 emulator. However, the rendering is still a bit rough and will still require some future work.

"Demon's Souls" Can Now Be Played On A Windows Pc Via The Rpcs3 Emulator

According to the team behind the emulator, the game is performing as expected in terms of its special effects, which include fog, bloom, particle effects and motion blur.  Although a much needed performance boost will make every part of the game run smooth, Gear Nuke reports.

One of the issues that the team is currently fixing is its display rate.  Many parts of the game provide a 30fps frame rate, but open areas such as the The Boletarian Castle puts the resources of a Ryzen-equipped machine running at 4GHz to the maximum. It still suffers from minor hiccups.  The frame rate drops down to a mere 10 fps on the said area of the game.

The RPCS3 team is planning to improve the compiler of the emulator that will be made available in the next release.  Another option is for someone to mod the whole game to a 60fps frame rate.

"Demon's Souls" is the game that paved the way for "Dark Souls III".  Sony Entertainment funded the game back, which was released in 2009, thus making it an exclusive for the PlayStation 3 video game console.  FromSoftware never thought of releasing a remastered version for the current generation console, thus the RPCS3 team took the initiative to make it playable on the PC

Game Publisher Atlus Will Soon Release Two TRPG Games From The "utawarerumono" Series

Meanwhile, game publisher Atlus has recently announced that they will also bring two new games of the highly popular SRPG "Utawarerumono" series in the west.   The company is the one responsible for bringing the "Demon's Souls" to the western hemisphere. The two new games are "Mask of Deception" and "Mask of Truth".

"Mask of Deception" will be released on March 23, while the latter is set at a later date.  Both games will be available for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, Cog Connected reported. Watch "Demon's Souls" performance on the RPCS3 emulator here:


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