Reasons Why Games For The Nintendo Switch Cost More

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 15, 2017 10:19 PM EDT

Some reports have noted that Nintendo Switch games are on the pricey side. Recent news has reportedly revealed something about the manufacturing process that supposedly contributes to the game's costs. Sources have confirmed that it is more costly to produce a Switch game cartridge compared to copies on a Blu-ray disc that Sony and Microsoft use on their consoles. The information somehow explains why multi-platform titles will cost more on the cartridge.

According to an article from Eurogamer, the size of the game also affects its manufacturing costs. It has been confirmed that the cartridges come in different storage sizes that range from 1GB to 32GB. It seems that if the game file is larger, the process will cost more for the publishers. Major developers and publishers apparently offset the cost with their bulk orders, but indie companies might not be able to cover the costs due to the demand of the market.

It appears that another Nintendo policy is another factor to the higher price of games on the Nintendo Switch. The company reportedly requires developers and publishers to post the same price for both physical and digital-only games. Sources speculate that their policy is in place to protect retailers of the physical copies of the games onboard. Sources also reported that a developer confirmed that their policy is in place.

Several gamers have taken to social media to express their understanding of the software manufacturing process and its cost. However, there are a major number of consumers who express their disappointment with the company's policy, which they consider as "anti-consumer" due to the lack of price difference between physical and digital copies. The company is expected to retain its physical retailers to keep their products visible on store shelves.

Some analysts are seemingly wondering if Nintendo's decision will affect sales of the Nintendo Switch, according to Game Rant. Several experts have predicted that the game system will hit five million in sales within the year, but others also suggest that a more affordable price will encourage consumers to purchase one.

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