New 'Overwatch' Glitch Gives Mercy Larger Wings & A Lightshow

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 14, 2017 09:54 AM EDT

While a lot of players have discovered some game-breaking glitches in "Overwatch", there are some who also picked out some that are more cosmetic and sometimes funny bugs. Reports have confirmed that some users discovered one for the game's winged healer Mercy. The bug apparently causes her to extend her wings a little farther than usual, which fans tease as her inner phoenix.

A Reddit user named Rosilia noted that the latest build of the team-based shooter has a unique bug for the hero. In order to replicate the glitch, players are required to jump and float down with her "Angelic Descent" skill. While she is floating down, players must activate her "hello" emote, which activates the bug and doubles her wingspan and emits a bright glow, says Game Rant. Users have reportedly replicated the process to confirm that it is not a one-time error.

However, Rosilia explained that results might differ for each user and their custom control bindings. The user was able to continuously replicate Mercy's glitch for almost 10 minutes, according to reports. "Overwatch" fans have apparently reacted positively to this new bug and supposedly hope that Blizzard Entertainment leaves it intact in the game. Sources have noted that the developer has not yet made an official comment on this recent discovery.

Players are reportedly interested to find out how the developer will handle this bug given its positive reception. It was noted that Blizzard apparently gave in to the fan demands last year during the "Halloween Terror" event. It was reported that fans requested for the hero's "my servants never die" voice line to become permanent. Given that the discovered bug does not affect the game's balance in any way, fans speculate that it might hopefully stay for good.

The latest "Overwatch" Mercy Glitch follows another bug which affected the game's newest hero Orisa. Gamenguide has reported that the players in the Public Test Region have discovered a game-breaker problem with Orisa's Ultimate skill. Players can actually drop her Supercharger on stairs and even on the payload, which causes it to drop through the environment. This makes the Supercharger invincible and can possibly be exploited by players.

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