‘Ghost 1.0’ New Mission Mode On March 24; Here’s What To Expect

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 23, 2017 05:24 AM EDT

"Ghost 1.0" will have a new mission mode on March 24. Incidentally, the game was rolled out in June last year via Steam.

"Ghost 1.0" Will Receive 12 New Missions

The successful sci-fi themed Metroidvania and Cyberpunk game "Ghost 1.0" for PC is confirmed to get a new mission mode on March 24. According to game creator @unepic_fran, who is also the maker of classic "Unepic," "Ghost 1.0" will have a significant expansion considering that the mode will feature 12 new missions that will last for about 15 minutes each.

"Ghost 1.0's" new missions are reportedly independent from the main story and will not be unlocked until the players get through the corresponding areas in the Story mode. Also, the update is coming for free.

In addition, the game creator also revealed of a plan to release a mini prequel of "Ghost 1.0" titled "Mini Ghost" in April. The prequel is a mini Metroidvania in the 80s MSX art style and gameplay that will come with a number of Metroidvania candy for the players to enjoy, Thegg reported.

"Ghost 1.0" Machines And Robots Can Be Possessed By A Digital Spirit

"Ghost 1.0" players often use their android frame to fight and explore, but it is in employing the digital spirit that resides in her to take control of other robots, override defenses and sneak through barriers to get the secrets of the Nakamura Space Station. According to reports, the android frame players start is not always the best option for any situation in the game, but when needed, they are able to make the digital spirit that will control the android to leave the body.

Under such condition, the "Ghost 1.0" digital spirits float through barriers and walls, and possess other machines as well controlling them to compel them to attack or finish some tasks. In fact, players will no longer have to worry getting hurt, since the spirit is not capable of being damaged when a possessed body dies, Siliconera reported. Watch "Ghost 1.0" here:


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