‘Clash Royale’ Update: 2v2 Clan Battle Mode On March 24; Elixir Replenish 15% Slower

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 15, 2017 11:28 PM EDT

"Clash Royale" players will soon experience something like  a mini clan war. The latest leak suggests that starting on March 24, they can bring along a clan mate and choose the new 2v2 Clan Battle mode.

New 2v2 Clan Battle Mode Will Bring Additional To "Clash Royale"

Players participating in the new mode will have 10 elixir bars each, but the elixir replenishment will be 15 percent slower compared to a regular clan war, making the game mode more challenging.  Elixir collections will also not be shareable and only the player who deploys the collector will be able to use it, but if a teammate uses a buffing card like Rage or Clone, all the friendly units will experience the boost, PVP Live reported.

Communication is also disabled during the mode so clan mates can only send a hovering unit out on the battlefield in order to see what is happening on the ground.  The bottom arena is also extended by four tiles to make way for the two towers that sit side by side and will have twice the firepower.   

The new "Clash Royale" 2v2 Clan Battle Mode will be available on the players' respective clan page.  Once a battle is selected, clan members will receive an invitation to join in the war.

Aside From The New Clan Battle Mode, Several New Features Are Also Speculated To Arrive To "Clash Royale"

The latest leak also mentioned that game developer and publisher Supercell will also add several secret features, but no details about it yet.  Additionally, the game will also receive the new Goblin Ninja card, balancing changes, arena adjustments and new league mechanism,  Touch Arcade reported.

"Clash Royale" update is also speculated to include special events such as the Bridge Challenges that will go live on March 17.  This will place a new bridge in front of the King's Tower.  A new Team Challenge is also rumored to start on March 31.

With all the alleged features that is set to arrive to the mobile strategy video game,  the upcoming patch will be the biggest to date.  The game is currently celebrating its first year anniversary. However, Supercell has not issued an official statement with regards to the upcoming update.  Watch the upcoming 2v2 Clan Battle Mode video here:


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