‘Diablo 3’ Patch 2.5.0: Armory Feature Brings Biggest Update So Far; Season 10 For PS4, Xbox One Hinted To Come Soon

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 23, 2017 05:23 AM EDT

"Diablo 3" will get the new patch 2.5.0 that features a UI tweak for the crafting system, including the armor feature in the initial look of the patch. According to reports, the armory feature will enable the player to switch between different weapons, skills and armors, which allows them to also switch between different player build during various situations.

"Diablo 3" Patch 2.5.0 Will Allow Players To Swap Items

In "Diablo 3" patch 2.5.0, any items equipped through the Armory will immediately swap to where the exchanged equipment was kept, either into the stash or a personal inventory. In addition, Gems and Legendary Gems are also expected to swap, or if gems levelled up or were upgraded, the Armory will then choose the highest quality or level for that gem type.

"Diablo 3" new patch also allows the skill bar to update the player's chosen skills, rune and Kanai's Cube power preferences. Meantime, few more tweaks are expected to come with the new Diablo 3 patch, like the Adventure mode that increases the likelihood for open areas to appear, The Tech52 reported.

"Diablo 3" Season 10 Is Headed To Console

"Diablo 3" Season 10 will reportedly begin on March 31, and will come alongside the new patch. Incidentally, the console owners that received new content previously through a patch, the next season marks the first time the players can join the "Diablo 3" Season Journey. This means that players will start fresh, will complete challenges such as "Complete Greater Rift 60 Solo" and join the leader-boards.

"Diablo 3's" developer Blizzard, in the meantime, has confirmed additional details on how Seasons will perform on consoles like Xbox One and PS4. It further revealed that the game will head to the consoles soon.

There are speculations claiming that the update means that any Seasonal play-through on console is going to begin fresh on Battle.net, preventing the likely hacked items to appear and possibly ruin the leader-boards, AUS Gamers reported. Watch "Diablo 3" Season 10 - Best Monk builds for patch 2.5.0 here:


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