'Overwatch': Loot Box Design Detailed By Developers

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 21, 2017 07:51 AM EDT

According to many reports, it appears to be unanimous for "Overwatch" players to strangely look forward to the game's reward element. Gamers play through several matches and do their best to win in order to fill out the shooter's experience bar to unlock loot boxes. These rewards obviously allow players to hopefully receive several items from the game's loot pool of skins, sprays, emotes and character actions.

The loot boxes in "Overwatch" is far from the standard fare among other loot-based games, where players just click on a menu item and the RNG draws a random item and that's it. Instead, the team-based shooter enhances the process with flashing lights and music each time gamers attempt to open one of the crates. According to Kotaku, Blizzard Entertainment has apparently designed it to be an integral part of the game.

"Overwatch developers, Michael Heiberg and Jeremy Craig shared the process of how they designed the loot boxes in the game. The duo talked about the different designs that were applied to the crates during special events like Halloween. The team initially favored a jack-o-lantern style, but eventually decided that it lacked appeal. It seems that their goal is to make the boxes appear desirable to gamers, says Game Rant. They eventually decided to apply the traditional Halloween bucket skin to make it more familiar for players.

It appears that the design itself already aims to draw "Overwatch" players into the game. The designers claimed that the spectacle of an opened loot box is part of the experience. They explained that they wanted "to build anticipation" through various ways. What follows are a series of "animations, camera work, spinning plates, and sounds." It appears that even the subtle glow of the boxes already build a "little anticipation" in itself.

Players continue to grind their Overwatch matches in order to score those loot boxes. Gamers are already waiting for the next special event to follow the most recent "Year of the Rooster" loot. Perhaps players will now understand why the rewards continue to be just so tempting that it's worth all the hours spent to earn those experience points.

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