‘Pokemon GO’ Trick Allows Users To Swipe PokeStops While Moving; Here’s How To Do It

By Allan , Updated Mar 20, 2017 04:54 AM EDT

A new “Pokemon GO” trick has been discovered by Reddit user and player CatFrogArts which allows users to swipe and claim rewards from PokeStops even while moving. And by moving it means beyond the speed limit of the game which is not allowed to encourage players to walk or run for the game. This trick will be very useful particularly for people traveling or don’t have enough time to actually walk to play the game.

How to Swipe PokeStops While on the Move

The trick is very easy to do in “Pokemon GO” according to Gamerant. All the player needs to do is open their journal as the PokeStop approaches and quickly closes it. In this way, the game loads for a couple of seconds before detecting the real speed of the player. So while it is loading and their characters standing still in one position, they can quickly swipe the PokeStops and claim its rewards. It’s a very easy trick that users can learn to do in one try.

 Other Ways to Swipe PokeStops While Moving

After learning this trick, players will probably discover other ways to do this. “Pokemon GO” almost always need a couple of seconds to load when players press buttons in the game and users can always use that to buy them time. They just need to have quick hands and right timing so a PokeStop is nearby whenever they do the trick according to Pokemon GO Pocket.

Niantic has yet to comment on the new trick discovered but it wouldn’t be surprising if this glitch will be fixed in the next patch. Niantic has always been against any form of cheating or exploitation so any discovered glitch will be fixed eventually. And besides, this trick may be dangerous especially when “Pokemon GO players are driving so do try with caution or have someone else do it for the driver.

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