Nintendo Provides Official Explanation For Joy-Con Sync Issues

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 24, 2017 04:10 AM EDT

There have been many reports of some issues with the Nintendo Switch after its official launch a few weeks ago. The most common complaint heard from consumers was the sync issues with the left Joy-Con. Fans have voiced out their concerns and waited for the manufacturer to officially address the problem, and it looks like they finally decided to provide an explanation for the issue. They claim that it was due to a "manufacturing variation" that led to the connection problems.

Nintendo has acknowledged that the manufacturing blunder is already addressed on the production level. The gaming company has also assured consumers that the Joy-Con sync issues would no longer happen on the new stocks, as reported by Game Rant. It is obviously great news for gamers as recent news has confirmed that the firm has expressed its plans to double the production of the gaming system to respond to the great demand from consumers.

Most gaming enthusiasts usually hold off launch day purchases to ensure that all known kinks are discovered and addressed. However, consumers that already bought a Nintendo Switch will be most likely disappointed with the company's approach to its production standards and quality. A number of users flooded the internet with complaints about the left Joy-Con sync issue a few days after its launch, while other technically-adept users tried to fix the problem on their own with mixed results.

Prior to Nintendo's acknowledgment that the problem was with the hardware, Nintendo Switch users criticized the company's workarounds for addressing the sync issue. The company has released an official statement that says "there is no design issue with the Joy-Con controllers." They also assured fans that there is "no widespread proactive repair or replacement effort." The company explains that a "manufacturing variation" has apparently caused the problem.

Gamenguide previously reported that some Nintendo Switch users proactively did a teardown of the left and right Joy-Con controllers, in order to determine the cause of the sync issues. They reportedly noticed that the components for the antenna are different on each controller. A user who claims to have sent his controller for repairs discovered that the company just installed a special foam to fix the signal issues.

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