‘Pokemon GO’ Latest Update Adds Egg Information; Players Now Knows Where Each Egg Came From

By Allan , Updated Mar 25, 2017 05:23 AM EDT

Niantic Lab has just released another update that allows players to know more information about their eggs. Originally, players can only know how far away are they from hatching their eggs, now players will also have information where the eggs are caught. This added egg details will be very useful to the player moving forward.

‘Pokemon GO’ Players Can Now View Location Where Each Egg is Acquired

The update is now up and players can now view each of their egg to know where it was acquired. According to Gamerant, this information can be used to know the kinds of Pokemon that hatch from a specific stop. And when the time comes that the player wants the same Pokemon, they can simply hunt in the places where it's likely to hatch or seen.

According to Pokemon Goko, Niantic has yet to comment if the egg information has any other use but nonetheless, avid players will be able to learn it sooner or later. “Pokemon GO” is one of the most downloaded game in the history of mobile apps and although it has lost a portion of its players, its still one of the most popular games today.

Recent Updates of Niantic Labs

Aside from the egg information, Niantic has also updated the game with a new event that will last for 7 days. The event is made in celebration of the ongoing festival and it increases the spawn rate of water-type Pokemon including Totodile, Squirtle, and Lapras. All the players need to do is find their nest or, since they are water Pokemon, look for Pokestops close to bodies of water and start hunting. This includes beaches, fountains, ponds, river, and even water tanks.

Before this update, “Pokemon GO” also released generation 2 Pokemon from the Johto region. This means that players get to meet a whole new set of Pokemon and a new excitement as they complete their Pokedex in “ Pokemon GO”.

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