‘Pokemon GO’ Releases Shiny Magikarp & Red Gyarados In The Wild For The Water Festival Event

By Allan , Updated Mar 25, 2017 05:34 AM EDT

“Pokemon GO” has just launched a Water Festival event wherein Shiny Magikarp and Gyarados are released in the wild according to players. The event features more water-type Pokemon released in the wild but players did not expect they also have a chance to get a shiny Gyarados and Magikarp. It takes 400 candies to evolve a Magikarp to a Gyarados so getting a rare kind of Gyarados makes it very special.

In the news published in Niantic Lab’s blog, the event is in celebration of the ongoing Water Festival. In this event, some of the most popular water-type Pokemon including Squirtle, Totodile and Lapras are released in the wild more often. All the player needs to do is go to a place where water Pokemon nests and start hunting. These nests is usually found where a body of water is found like fountains, water tanks, beach shore, ponds, even small fountains just as long as it's in a public area.

Many players who have already caught the rare shiny water Pokemon have already posted their catch on the internet. According to Gamerant, a moderator with the username dronpes in Silph Road has also confirmed the reports and said shiny Magikarp and Gyarados are really in the wild for the event. However, the chances of getting one are very low so players have to double their hunting effort to increase their chances.

One player that have already posted his catch is Fabien Parent in YouTube. His video shows a captured shiny Magikarp and it has impressed many viewers. Once he is able to evolve it, it is expected to grow into a Red Gyarados just like in the Pokemon games released by Nintendo. The “Pokemon GO” event will not end until a few more days so players who want to catch their own shiny Pokemon should get started right away.

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