‘For Honor’ Players Planning A Big Protest Against The Game’s Microtransaction

By Allan , Updated Mar 25, 2017 05:36 AM EDT

Players of “For Honor” is planning to do a big protest against the microtransaction of the game. This is after claims that it will take a player approximately $700 to unlock everything in the game. The big protest wherein players urging other players not to spend any money in the game is seen in “For Honor” subreddit thread.

According to Gamerant, many players have voiced out their frustration regarding the total amount of real money they need to spend in order to unlock everything in the game. Earlier reports about the game talk about a player who computed everything a gamer needs to spend in “For Honor” and it totals to $700. There is also the option not to spend any money and focus on earning points by playing the game but this method takes an average of 2.5 years.

In a report published by Video Game Snap, the request of the players may be a little difficult to fix. Other players said Ubisoft can’t just change the prices of the in-game transactions as it will disappoint the players that have already spent in the game. But one solution a player mentioned is if Ubisoft refunds the money of those that have already spent and then lower the cost of its microtransaction. Although there are players who doubt this solution is possible, some are still hopeful Ubisoft will listen to their issues so they are thinking of sending a message.

And as for the players that initiated the mass protest, they said they have already stopped playing the game because they have already lost interest. Now players are thinking of bringing their protest to the next level by discouraging their friends and network too from playing the game due to its microtransaction. Ubisoft has yet to comment on the issue about “For Honor” microtransaction issues.

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