Luke Caulfield

Ultra Street Fighter 4 El Fuerte

El Fuerte Update Makes Luchador a Force to be Reckoned With in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Jun 05, 2014 09:24 AM EDT

Capcom has begun releasing a number of videos detailing the various changes coming to the original roster. Here, we'll be looking at the hot sauce slinging luchador El Fuerte.

LEGO Legend of Zelda Poster

LEGO Passes On The Legend of Zelda Themed Playset, Proving The Absence of a LEGO Deity

Jun 04, 2014 03:34 PM EDT

LEGO has merged with countless properties ranging from Batman and Harry Potter, resulting in critically acclaimed and successful video games. But try to go the other way, and combine LEGO with what's already a hit video game series, and it doesn't go so well.

Battlefield 4

Upcoming Patch To Add 'High Frequency Bubble' for Battlefield 4 on Xbox One, PC, and PS4

Jun 04, 2014 02:57 PM EDT

Battlefield 4 has long been the problem child of publisher EA, but a new update for the game hopes to quell the screaming infant. The patc is currently up for grabs for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 players to download, and is set to roll out on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this week.

Temple Run 1 Billion Downloads

Temple Run Reaches One Billion Downloads, Second Mobile Game Ever to Do So

Jun 04, 2014 01:58 PM EDT

Whether as a distraction on the go, or from the comfort of your toilet, there's hardly a soul alive that hasn't played Temple Run, and the numbers show it. Developer Imangi Studios today announced that the game (and its sequel) that popularized the endless runner genre had hit one billion downloads combined.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Invasion Maps

Where to Find the Easter Eggs, and How to Unlock the Achievements in Call of Duty: Ghosts Invasion DLC

Jun 04, 2014 08:17 AM EDT

Call of Duty: Ghosts third DLC, Invasion, is now available exclusively on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, meaning when you finally get tired of killing on the four new multiplayer maps, there's a nice new set of achievements to unlock and easter eggs to find. Here, we'll show you where the eggs are, and what you need to do in order to unlock each new achievement.


Cross-Saving Enabled for When OlliOlli Hits PlayStation Consoles This Summer

Jun 03, 2014 07:17 PM EDT

We knew the PS Vita exclusive was set to hit PlayStation 3 and 4 some time this summer, and now the developer has confirmed that when it does, it will be free to anyone who has already enjoyed the game on Sony's handheld.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Invasion DLC

Call of Duty: Ghosts' Third DLC, Invasion, Out Now as Timed Exclusive for Xbox Platforms

Jun 03, 2014 03:38 PM EDT

Better hurry up and get over to Xbox Live, because "Invasion," the recently announced and third piece of DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts is now available on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Mortal Kombat X

Get Over Here And Check Out Scorpion's Design for Mortal Kombat X

Jun 03, 2014 02:37 PM EDT

Just after Mortal Kombat X's official announcement, developer NetherRealm Studios and publisher Warner Bros. have released some art for the game, showing the official cover and two extra looks at series staple Scorpion.

New characters for Ultra Street Fighter 4

What the Reviewers Are Saying About Ultra Street Fighter IV

Jun 03, 2014 01:21 PM EDT

Ultra Street Fighter IV is out today as a digital upgrade for those who already have Super Street Fighter IV. For most of you, the decision to upgrade goes without saying, but just for poops 'n giggles, here's what the critics are saying.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight's Batmobile Sports Some Heavy Artillery: Vulcan Gun, 60mm Cannon, Missile Barrage, and More!

Jun 03, 2014 12:15 PM EDT

Cannon, missiles, riot suppressors? It's a good news/bad news situation for Batman: Arkham Knight today. First, the bad...

EA Sports UFC Demo Promo Ad

Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson Star in EA Sports UFC Demo, Out Today for PS4 and Xbox One

Jun 03, 2014 11:07 AM EDT

EA Sports UFC is set to release later this month, but if you were hoping for a sample before outright buying the game, you're in luck. As of today, a demo is set to be released on both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Invasion DLC Favela Map

After Modern Warfare 2 and 3, 'Favela' Hits Call of Duty: Ghosts Courtesy of the New Invasion DLC

Jun 03, 2014 10:42 AM EDT

Call of Duty: Ghosts next DLC, Invasion, is all set to release today starting with Xbox One and Xbox 360 as per usual, and after looks at the Pharaoh and Mutiny maps, developer Infinity Ward is offering a peek at another map, "Favela," set in the slums of Brazil.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 Blanka

Beastly Blanka Gets a Better Reach and Improved Rolling Attacks for Ultra Street Fighter 4

Jun 03, 2014 10:04 AM EDT

Without a doubt, the big news about Ultra Street Fighter IV is the addition of five characters, four of which we've seen before. But that doesn't mean that we'll get the same old versions of the remaining thirty something characters. Capcom has begun releasing a number of videos detailing the various changes coming to the original roster. Here, we'll be looking at the electric greenie Blanka.

Mario Kart 8

Nintendo Celebrates Mario Kart 8's Launch, Announces Racer Sold Over a Million Copies Worldwide

Jun 02, 2014 03:52 PM EDT

Like so many predicted, the Wii U exclusive racer Mario Kart 8 is off to a great start. The game released worldwide this past Friday, May 30, and Nintendo announced that the game is already at over 1.2 million sales.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Atlas Armor Front

Activison Contemplating Another Nuketown For Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Multiplayer According to Leaked Survey

Jun 02, 2014 01:40 PM EDT

.So far, all we've heard about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in the way of pre-order bonuses is a measly poster if you plan on ordering the shooter from GameStop. But if a leaked survey is to be believed, it seems as though publisher Activision is testing the waters for other possible pre-order offers.

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