After Being Robbed And Slammed Kim Kardashian Is Back On Instagram

After Being Robbed And Slammed Kim Kardashian Is Back On Instagram

Yes, you heard it correctly. Kim Kardashian has returned to the Instagram. She had been away from Insta since she was robbed in Paris on the gunpoint. It has been 10 weeks since she was away. She shared a video of her on Insta in which her cleavage is shown as well as red lingerie too. this is going to be a new Kimoji! This Kimoji will be there for use from 16th December.

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The meeting between Kanye-Trump was very special!

Kanye West- Donald Trump Meeting Sparks Talk Of Inauguration Performance

Rapper Kanye West turned up at Trump Tower on Tuesday for a meeting with Republican President-elect Donald Trump, firing up social media and fueling speculation West may have discussed performing at Trump's inauguration.

by Surabhi Verma

Kanye West met Donald Trump

Kanye West Met Donald Trump: Both Are Old Friends

Kanye West visited the Trump tower to meet the President elect Donald Trump

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Kanye West spotted in NYC

Kanye West News And Updates: Seen In New York

Kanye West made a public appearance in New York on Monday. This was the second time he was seen in public seen he got out of hospital. Some days before he was seen riding a bike and having a good time with his friends in L.A. He suffered badly in the previous days as he had to go through the devastating incident which happened with his wife Kim Kardashian.

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Something is brewing between the two!!

Kim Kardashian News & Updates: Starlet Getting Close To Marquette King, Rumors And Truth Revealed!

What is going on here? Are Kim Kardashian and NFL star Marquette King really getting close behind Kanye West's back? We have so many questions! Luckily, has just learned the EXCLUSIVE truth, and answers will definitely surprise you!

by Surabhi Verma

Here are some of the most surprising facts!

Marquette King: Weird Things To Know About Kim Kardashian’s Rumored Friend

Marquette King has recently become the latest talk of the town - but this time we are not talking in terms of his incredible NFL career! The Oakland Raiders punter is rumored to be getting close to Kim Kardashian.

by Surabhi Verma

Kim Kardashian will soon appear on a game show

Kim Kardashian News And Updates: Details On Her Appearance On A New Game Show

Kim Kardashian will appear on the new ABC competition show in the next month. as Kanye returned from the hospital the couple took a break from their schedule. Kim's Paris robbery left her devastated and the social media flowing up with different views, some of grief and sympathy whereas some claimed it to be a publicity stunt.

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Kanye is expanding his 28 million mansion

Kanye West Is Expanding His Mansion And Making It Really Big

Kanye West has taken some time off from the routine life since he came back from the hospital. He had a nervous breakdown and was admitted in the hospital for 8 days. During that time Kim took good care of him and also gave him everything he needed to recover well. But Kanye is just not wasting his time sitting at his home, taking rest. He is expanding his big mansion.

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What's true and what's not! Let's explore!

Kim Kardashian News & Updates: Starlet Not Dealing With Any 'Mystery Illness'! More On Kanye And Divorce!

Kim Kardashian is NOT suffering from a "mystery illness," contrary to a report about a "medical crisis." A leading publication is exclusively told the alarming story is untrue. raised concerns on Friday when it ran a headline announcing, "Fears For Kim! Kardashian Battling Secret MYSTERY Illness." It was said in the accompanying story that the reality star is "dealing with a troubling secret even worse than her Paris robbery and Kanye West's meltdown."

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'Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology' Costume Institute Gala

Kim Kardashian Takes the Rest of 2016 Off the Public; Uninvited To Beyonce, Jay Z Birthday Bash?

Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West are taking the rest of the year off the public. The couple were also reportedly snubbed when Beyonce did not invite them to Jay Z’s birthday party.

by Ben Lindon

Seems that much bad has happened with the starlet since Paris robbery incident!

Kim Kardashian Updates & Rumors: Kanye West's Wife Dealing With Mystery Illness!

Seems that much has happened wrong with Kim since Paris robbery incident!

by Surabhi Verma

Kanye West spotted having a good time with his friends

Kanye West Spotted Wearing His Wedding Ring And Having A Good Time While Riding A Bike With His Friends

Kanye was seen having a good time with his friends while riding a bike.

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The rapper has just recovered from a mental breakdown!

Kanye West News & Updates: Rapper Desperate To Perform At The Grammys After Mental Breakdown, Kim Kardashian In Support

This would be epic! Kanye West is determined to put his dramatic hospitalization behind him and step up to the Grammys stage in 2017. has all the EXCLUSIVE details on his big comeback performance plans.

by Surabhi Verma

Kim Kardashian blames herself for Kanye's condition

Kim Kardashian Beats Herself Up For This Weird Reason!

Kanye West suffered badly in the previous days, as he had to go through the devastating incident, which happened with his wife Kim Kardashian. She was robbed on the gunpoint in a hotel in Paris, and after some time his condition got bad because of a mental breakdown. He got hospitalised, cancelled a performance and had to cancel many other plans too.

by Surabhi Verma

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