Nintendo Switch: Digital Game Purchases Limited To A Single Device

Nintendo Switch: Digital Game Purchases Limited To A Single Device

Nintendo has made an announcement recently that all digital purchases made on the Nintendo Switch will be tied to the user's Nintendo account, but not on the particular device where they made the transaction from.

by Michael Augustin

PlayStation Plus Free PS4 Games Lineup February 2017

PlayStation Plus Is About To Be Free For A Week; More Details Here

PlayStation Plus will be free for a week.

by Febe AF

Halo Wars 2: Official Launch Trailer

February 20-24, 2017 Xbox One Game Releases

Xbox One users are looking at an apparently great lineup this week with the upcoming release of some console exclusives.

by Michael Augustin

Xbox - Project Scorpio

Microsoft Likely Will Show Off Xbox Project Scorpio On June 11

Microsoft has reportedly posted some news via their Xbox Twitter page that further teased the unveiling of its next-generation flagship game system called Project Scorpio.

by Michael Augustin

PS4 Pro: Everything You NEED TO KNOW

PS4 Sales Are Higher Than Ever, Sony In A Unique Position

Sony fans would be happy to know that the company just revealed their best sales numbers for the Playstation 4 ever since its official release.

by Michael Augustin

Game Maker Electronic Arts (EA) Hosts Its Annual Press Conference In Los Angeles

'Titanfall 2' New Mechanics and Challenges From Multi-player to Singleplayer Campaigns, From Microsoft To PS4; Features, Gameplay & Prices

"Titanfall 2" is bracing for more space action - adventures. This time, it is crafted to become one of the most awaited single-player campaign in 2017.

by Aloha Baldovino

Microsoft Holds Its Xbox 2016 Briefing During Annual E3 Gaming Conference

Microsoft ‘Halo Wars 2’ PC Physical Release Is Europe Exclusive; NVIDIA Optimized With ‘Sniper Elite 4’ & ‘For Honor’

Game fans of “Halo Wars 2” expecting to have physical edition copies will now have to be content with the digital version of the game. Microsoft decided to pull the plug for the U.S. release, while European fans will still enjoy both.

by Ben Lindon

 ‘Gears Of War 4’ Updates: New Map And A Week-Long Event For Valentine’s Day

‘Gears Of War 4’: New Map & A Week-Long Event For Valentine’s Day

“Gears of War 4” is having a week-long event and a new map as an update for valentine’s day.

by Danny Smith


'FIFA 18': Nintendo Switch Version Will Be Unique, According To EA Sports

It seems like Nintendo has learned from its mistakes with the Wii U.

by Michael Augustin

Crackdown 3 Gameplay Trailer - New Crackdown 3 Trailer Gamescom 2015

'Crackdown 3': 'Destiny' & 'Halo 2' Writer On-board

In recent trailers and gameplay footage for "Crackdown 3," the game's story was not really the subject of focus.

by Michael Augustin

Nintendo Switch Hands-On: Hardware Overview

Nintendo Reveals Online Service Price For The Nintendo Switch

During the official Nintendo Switch reveal, fans were reportedly surprised by Nintendo's announcement of their paid online service.

by Michael Augustin

A Day with Phil Spencer - Head of Xbox

Phil Spencer Reportedly Pleased With Microsoft's 'E3 2017' Lineup

Reports estimate that most people are probably thinking about this year's incoming "E3" event.

by Michael Augustin

Xbox One - Snap Feature Trailer

Xbox One Proves Commitment To Gaming; Microsoft Says Goodbye To Snap Feature

Microsoft says goodbye to its media aspect as Xbox get rid of snap to prove dedication and commitment to games.

by Danny Smith

Xbox - Project Scorpio

Developer Praises Project Scorpio, Claims It Is A Full-Featured Next-Gen Console

Project Scorpio is the code name for Microsoft's upcoming flagship gaming system.

by Michael Augustin

New Scorpio Spec Leak: ESRAM Gone, GPU Features Revealed

Latest Leaks Confirm Project Scorpio Details

Microsoft's Project Scorpio has received a ton of speculations in the past few months.

by Michael Augustin

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