Sony identifies issue with PlayStation 3 firmware update, releasing patch on June 27 to solve issue

Sony identifies issue with PlayStation 3 firmware update, releasing patch on June 27 to solve issue

After trying to figure out exactly what it was about the latest firmware update (version 4.45) that caused so many PlayStation 3 owner's console to go the way of the dodo, it looks like Sony has finally determined the issue, and how to fix it.

by Luke Caulfield

Current Xbox Live dashboard

Ways digital distribution can change in next-gen consoles

Here are some ways digital distribution can get better as the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft get closer because convenience isn't enough at this point.

by Ural Garrett

PlayStation Network Logo

Why PSN Is Better Than Xbox Live [OPINION]

Just because it’s a paid service doesn’t make it any better.

by Ural Garrett

Men's Room Mayhem

And Now, a Game About Men's Restroom Management: Men's Room Mayhem

No one can resist the call of nature. Especially in this game.

by Luke Caulfield


Rockstar's PS2 Classics Manhunt and The Warriors Coming to PSN

Warriors, come out and plaaaaaaayyy. The Warriors and Manhunt are almost here.

by Luke Caulfield

PlayStation Mobile

Sony Woos Indie Game Developers: No Developer Charges For PlayStation Mobile Platform

In an attempt to compete with the smartphone market, Sony makes it easier than ever to make games for Vita and more.

by Mike Andronico

Dyad Releasing on PC

Psychedelic Racing Shooter Dyad Coming To PC Wednesday

Hyperkinetic tunnel-racing shooter Dyad will release on PC through Steam and GOG Wednesday. Fans can save 20 percent by pre-ordering the game through Steam or GOG.

by Binu Paul

Castle of Illusion

'Castle of Illusion Staring Mickey Mouse' Remake Is A Downloadable Summer Release [TRAILER]

'Duck Tales Remastered' gets some competition. Sega is working with the original director on the title.

by Trevor Ruben


'Flashback' Re-make Coming To PlayStation Network And Xbox Live Arcade [TRAILER]

'Flashback' is an old school platformer. It's getting a face lift for the modern age.

by Luke Caulfield

Tokyo Jungle Attack

ESRB Accidentlly Reveals PSN Compilation Game [LEAKS]

'Fat Princess,' 'Tokyo Jungle' and more may make a comeback. Could these be destined for the PS4?

by Trevor Ruben

Sniper Elite V2 screenshots

New "St. Pierre" DLC for Sniper Elite V2 Out Today

Incoming Intelligence from Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF) Eyes only for Agent K. Fairburne

by Luke Caulfield

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