Analysts Speculate 'Persona 5' For PS4 Is Just A Remaster Of Its PS3 Version

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 24, 2017 08:29 AM EDT

"Persona 5" has been received favorably by the gaming community, according to most critics. However, some sources have noted that the RPG is somewhat outdated for a PS4 game and it seems like they are right. The game was originally planned to appear for the PS3, but its development took longer than anticipated and it wound up slated for the new game system. Despite its flaws, the game has successfully drawn new gamers into the "Persona" universe.

According to sources, "Persona 5" has started its development with the last generation system and was unexpectedly delayed until the current generation platform was released, Reports Game Rant. Some gamers have compared both versions of the game and pointed out some of the differences between bother versions. The PS3 version and PS4 version each perform different due to hardware limitations. However, it was also noted that the current generation version does not really offer a big difference over the last gen variant.

Moreover, during the comparison between the PS3 and PS4 version of "Persona 5", the common issues observed on the last-gen version were obviously absent on the current-gen version. It showcases better frame rate, texture resolutions, load times and fixes the persistent screen-tearing found on the PS3 version. Meanwhile, overall graphics are almost the same, which further supports the speculations that the PS4 version is just a remastered version scaled up to take advantage of the hardware's performance.

Another point noted by analysts is that "Persona 5" does not get any kind of enhancement when it is played on a PlayStation 4 Pro. The game has already been available in Japan for almost six months and the developer has given any hint of the PS4 Pro patch on the way. It seems the RPG's presentation is already at its peak with the current-gen version, which runs at 30fps and 1080p resolution.

On the other hand, Atlus has reportedly continued to deliver the unique JRPG experience offered by the "Persona" series, as reported by Gamenguide. Despite its graphical differences between the PS4 and PS3, "Persona 5" is still described by most critics as a gorgeous RPG game that offers a great story and gameplay.

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