'Persona 5': Getting The Good Ending Guide

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 19, 2017 05:10 AM EDT

Now that "Persona 5" has finally been released for Western markets, critics have reportedly praised the game for its style and presentation, which definitely makes it a worthy addition to the "Persona" series of JRPGs. The RPG has notably joined the other games in the series as another worldwide success for Atlus. Most of the Japanese players have most likely explored everything about the game, while Western players might still want to discover a way to get the good ending.

Atlus has been reportedly strict with its "Persona 5" streaming guidelines, which limited most players from spoiling the ending for those who are just starting. Game Rant claims that the practice has resulted in a positive gaming experience for players since the key plot points were not revealed. Reports even note that critics and other gaming websites have done their best to keep game spoiler information at a minimum for the benefit of players. However, some players want to make sure that they have covered everything in order to merit the good ending for the JRPG.

Critics have hailed "Persona 5" for some of its innovations and for its effort to retain important mechanics that are a signature of the series. Polygon reports that the game sees a team of highs school students who tap into their Personas to battle corrupted enemies. It still has high school romance, relationships, negotiations with demons and bad and good endings. However, there are a few dialogue choices that players can make that can result in the bad ending.

Trust your companions during an interrogation

To make sure that the good ending guide for "Persona 5" stays spoiler-free as much as possible, players should make sure to trust their companions the most. The game places importance on keeping and developing your bonds with people.

Never give up during some tight spots 

"Persona 5" is a JRPG that deals with both the evil and good within different people. To achieve the good ending, players must make sure to follow what any protagonist in an RPG does and not give up. Players should note that towards the end, a major character will offer the option to the player to throw in the towel. Therefore, refuse to surrender and fight back.

Make sure to be aware of the deadline for heists

With a lot of stuff players can do in between their adventures, it becomes easy to forget that certain missions have specific dates to accomplish. Getting the good ending in "Persona 5" is as simple as being on time.

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