'Street Fighter V' DLC Characters Guide: What to Expect, Additional 2021 Updates, Release Date + More

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 04, 2021 12:04 AM EDT
Kazama Akira of "Rival Schools: United by Fate" and Oro from "Street Fighter III" will both appear in Street Fighter V as DLC characters.
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Capcom released updates regarding the roster of fighters in Street Fighter V, particularly in its line of downloadable content (DLC) characters.

In their recent summer update livestream, the developers of the fighting game series' fifth installment revealed the final character that will complete its roster - a kickboxer named Luke. Along with his reveal, they also announced additional updates regarding their two other DLC characters.

Luke Enters the Battle

During the said livestream, Capcom reveals more information regarding their new fighter. According to Nichegamer, Luke will focus on fast yet hard-hitting gameplay. His punches even shoots beam-like projectiles at an alarming speed, which can also cancel projectiles.

In his teaser trailer video, Luke was also seen pulling fast and quick uppercuts and kicks, as well as charging up his arms to deliver even more powerful attacks. This kind of moveset will make players initiate quick and grounded combos along the way.

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His V-Skills will focus on dealing fast yet heavy damaging damage to his opponents, while his V-Trigger will make him launch his punch-like projectiles in a faster rate.

Also, if the players would base on the teaser trailer video for Luke, the character's release might also bring in his own stage, which is a boxing ring with color LED display, statues, audience, and a bear that might look like of Tekken's Kuma.

According to Kotaku, Nakayama Takayuki, the director for Street Fighter V, said in the livestream that Luke will give the players a glimpse into the future of the fighting game franchise, which might mean that he might be appearing or play a role in the franchise's upcoming planned games.

Updates on Other Characters

Aside from the announcement regarding Luke, Capcom also revealed further updates regarding their other DLC characters that will be appearing in Street Fighter V. The said update pertains to Oro and Kazama Akira, which were first teased in Capcom's Spring Update livestream last April alongside Rose.

Originally from Rival Schools: United by Fate, Akira will demonstrate her signature air combos as her moveset from the 1997 3D game will be seen in Street Fighter V.

According to Capcom Unity, her playstyle will be up-close and personal with few long range moves that would keep her opponents at bay.

Her Kiko Kai is a short ranged yet quick energy blast that players can use as a combo initiator as it can follow up with normal attacks. Its EX version has a longer range that can be utilized in controlling the space between her and the opponent.

Her Urarimon is a fast elbow strike that will allow Akira to close the gap and deal a significant amount of damage. The said move can also follow up with more attacks, but this is better used as a combo ender.

Her Senshubu kick has three variations - low, medium, and high. Players can maximize this move once it successfully hits the opponent and utilize a proper comber ender to maximize the damage dealt.

Her V-Skill I, Kiko Rensei, will enhance her Kiko Kai with added hits and more damage, while her V-Skill II, Tsutenda, launches her opponents into the air then initiates her Air Bursts combo. The latter V-Skill is an adaptation to her hyper move that she used in Rival School: United by Fate.

Her V-Triggers, on the other hand, are a tribute to her days in the Rival Schools series. Her V-Trigger I, Otoko no Senaka, will be similar to those Team-Up Techniques from the said series.

In this move, she would call in her brother, Daigo, who will be dropping from the sky, slamming the opponent, then engulfing it in his Shin Kan no Senaka.

Her V-Trigger II, Haten no Kamae, is similar to the move of the same name used by her variant, Powered Akira in Project Justice. Once activated, the V-Gauge transforms into a time allowing her to execute the move up to two times.

The move's follow up attacks will depend on what button the player is pressing, and it will add more damage and hits to its combo. They can also cancel the stance then initiate a throw instead. This V-Trigger is perfect for combo extentions or setting up frame traps and mixups.

On the other hand, Goro, the wondering hermit from Street Fighter III, will make his return in Street Fighter V, and along with him is his arsenal of orbs that is reminiscent to those that he used in the 1997 sequel of the franchise.

His V-Skill I, Onibi, ir similar to his Yagyodama. This orb projectile can bounce to three different directions depending on where the move is activated and it can cancel any projectile from the opponent.

His V-Skill II, Minomushi, is a short hop that can be cancelled off of normals. It has two follow-up attacks - Kaki Otoshi, an overhead punch, and Eda Uchi, a kick that can close distances.

His V-Trigger I, Manrikitan, can make him access to the Kinshinriki ground command grab and the Kishin Kuchu Jigoku Gurama air command grab.

His V-Trigger II, Tengu Stone, will make Oro levitate three objects that will spin above his head, creating combos, while random objects will add more extra damage or stun.

Holding the Down command while the V-Trigger is activated will initiate the Tengu Midare Stone, which he will levitate five objects instead of three.

Release Dates

Luke, Akira, and Oro will be included in Street Fighter V's Season 5 Pass, alongside Dan and Rose. According to Dot Esports, both Akira and Oro will be released in the game on August 16th. Along with them are alternative costumes that players can use - three for Oro and five for Akira.

Luke, on the other hand, according to Kotaku, will be released in November of this year, though Capcom did not announce what specific date he will be appearing in the game.

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