PlayStation Store Leaks Next 'Street Fighter V' DLC Character

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 27, 2017 07:10 AM EDT

"Street Fighter V" is already in its second season and has received its first and second DLC fighters. Capcom has been successful with its campaign to keep the remaining fighters a secret until they official reveal each one in the future. However, fans were able to notice that the Playstation Store has unintentionally leaked the third DLC fighter to join Akuma and Kolin for Season 2. It seems that Ed will be joining the roster soon as the game's next DLC content.

Gamers noted that the PlayStation Store description for the "Street Fighter V" season pass for its Season 2 mentions Akuma, Kolin and Ed as the first three DLC fighters. Shoryuken claims that the product description mentions that the new fighter is already available. However, the character has not yet been officially announced by Capcom. Since Ed has been announced, that would leave users with three more fighters left to reveal for the rest of Season 2.

The character has already been showcased during the cut scenes of the cinematic story mode for "Street Fighter V", and was also shown during certain character's story mode panels. Reports also confirm that Ed was the little boy saved by Balrog from a collapsing laboratory during his ending in "Street Fighter IV". In the latest game, Ed has already grown into a teenager and is usually seen together with the boxer. According to gamers, the product description has already been taken down by Capcom.

Eds CFN profile describes him to have been kidnapped by S.I.N. and was intended to become a spare replacement body for M. Bison, reports Event Hubs. Balrog managed to find him while he was searching for some loot after Seth was defeated. He has been shown to exhibit some form of Psycho Power similar to the dictator. He shows up in most of the scenes that involve Balrog in "Street Fighter V".

Capcom continues its pledge to provide more post-launch content for "Street Fighter V". Its latest update includes some new costumes for Ryu, Ken, Alex, Chun-Li, Juri, R. Mika and a remastered Thailand stage from "Street Fighter II". Sources suspect that Capcom will make the official announcement for Ed anytime soon.

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