'Fortnite' Chapter 2 Season 8 Toona Fish Guide: How to Get the Character Skin, Color Bottles, Rainbow Ink

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 13, 2021 11:47 PM EDT
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The new Season 8 has entered Fortnite for its Chapter 2, and with a new season comes to additional content for players to see and experience. One of the said additions was in the form of a new character skin, the Toona Fish.

Toona Fish, according to PC Gamer, looks like a monochromatic cartoonish version of Fishsticks, a rare character skin in Fortnite which was released last December of 2018, however it will function like Kymera, the customizable alien character skin which was released last Season 7, as the said character skin will also be customizable.

And much like Kymera, who needs the Alien Artifacts that can be collected to unlock his customizable options, players need to collect Color Bottles for the Toona Fish in order to unlock the colors players can use to customize the said character skin.

How to Unlock Toona Fish

As mentioned earlier, Toona Fish debuted during the launch of Fortnite's Chapter 2 - Season 8. According to Dot Esports, it was released alongside Charlotte, Fabio Sparklemane, J.B. Chimpanksi, Kor, Torin, and Marvel's Carnage.

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To unlock it, according to Eurogamer, players must first purchase the Season 8 Battle Pass, then they need to either reach its Level 2 to ensure that they have enough Battle Stars that they can use to buy the said skin, or purchase its additional 25 Levels. The skin will cost them 9 Battle Stars, so it is a better idea to unlock it first.

Where to Get the Color Bottles

Once they unlocked Toona Fish, they will need to collect the Color Bottles which was scattered around the game's map. There are 21 locations that players need to go in order to collect said bottles, and they need to collect up to three Color Bottles in order to unlock a specific color.

The bottles for the Knightly Crimson, according to Gamespot, can be found inside Fort Crumpet, while the bottles for the Y-Labs Magenta can be seen on the rooftops of houses in Misty Meadows. The bottles for the Cuddly Pink can be seen in Steamy Stacks, while the ones for the Ruby Red are in Lockie's Lighthouse.

If the players want to paint their Toona Fish in Renegade Red, they must go to the Boney Burbs, while folr the Pumpkin Orange, its bottles are is The Orchard. For the Midas Gold, the bottles are in the Catty Corner, while for the Desert Sand, its bottles are in the wreckage that is in the west of Pleasant Park.

The bottles for the Banana Yellow are in Rainbow Rentals, while the ones for the Leafy Green are in Stealthy Stronghold, and the ones for the Recruit Green are in the bridge in Weeping Woods. For the Codename G.R.N., its bottles are in Corny Crops, while for the Ghoulish Green, its bottles are in Shanty Town.

If the player wants to unlock the Slurp Turquoise, they will collect the bottles in Sludgy Swamp, while the bottles to unlock Diamond Blue are in Gorgeous Gorge, and the bottles to unlock Frozen Blue are in Coral Castle. The bottles to unlock Crystalline Blue, on the other hand, are in the wreckage that is south of Dirty Docks.

To unlock Brite Purple, players need to collect the bottles that are in Retail row, while the bottle to unlock Mesmerizing Violet are in the wreckage is in the south of Believer Beach, the bottles for the Robotic Grey are in Destroyed Dish, and the ones for Stone Grey are in Mount F8.

How to Get the Rainbow Inks

The Rainbow Inks, according to PC Gamer, are the "currency" that players need to collect in order to spent them for unlocking individual color styles that are based on previous Fortnite characters or character skins. Each of these color styles will cost 10 Rainbow Inks.

In order to get these inks, players can look for loot chests that are scattered across the map. The crates, including regular ones and cosmic chests, might contain Rainbow Inks, and can only found in Duos, Trios, and Squad matches.

If players unlocked the Color Bottles that has the colors corresponding to a specific color style, they can use it for their Toona Fish.

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