Fortnite 'Impostors' Trials Guide: How to Join, Unlock Rewards

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 26, 2021 01:23 AM EDT
(Photo: Photo from Epic Games' Fortnite Webpage)

Fortnite invites its players to betray one of their own and win some in-game goodies in the process as its Impostors will have its Trials where its rewards are up for grabs. This is in celebration of the launching of the said game mode, which was released last week.

Impostors, according to Fortnite Intel, is the Epic Games' spin on social deduction games that were became famous since the launch of Among Us.

In this game mode, players need to complete the tasks at hand, ranging from calibrating chests to repairing the Battle Bus to delivering Storm reports for analysis. They can accomplish said tasks while on a look out for the "Impostors."

Players can deduct who is the "Impostor" among the team by reporting someone's eliminated fragment. They will be teleported to the bridge, and from there, they can deduct and suspect who among them will betray their own, then they will vote.

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However, they need to act and think quick while avoiding the attacks coming from the "Impostor" and pinpoint who it is before they are getting killed. Otherwise, the "Impostor" could take the victory.

As for the Impostors, their goal is to eliminate their fellow players in order to take control of the game before being discovered. To distract them, they can disable any assignments and its progress, teleport some of them to somewhere else, and transform everyone into Peely.

How to Join the Trials

In order to join the Impostor Trials, according to Spieltimes, players must log-in their Epic Games account in the special webpage for the said event. Once they logged in, they will be able to track down their progress.

After logging in, they must play Impostors several times to earn badges. Each Impostors match will earn them a badge. Players need to play up to 20 games to earn at least 11 badges that are available. The said badges can also be earned even if the player left the match immediately.

Once they earned the badges, they will eventually earn rewards depending on how many badges they have collected during matches.

According to DBLTap, up to five million players are allowed to participate in the said event, which will be lasted until September 5th at 11:59 PM ET. The challenge site will be closed to new registrants once the five-million mark was reached.

How to Earn Rewards

As mentioned earlier, Fortnite players who are taking the Impostors Trials will receive a badge for every two games. These badges can be used in getting in-game rewards.

According to ESTNN, players who will logged in immediately in the special webpage will receive a Hot Headed spray, while playing 6 Impostors matches will earn them 12 badges, which will be exchanged to the Just Between Us emoticon.

Players who played 22 matches will earn 11 badges that will be exchanged into the Spectral Flex Wrap. Once they earned the rewards, they will be sent straight to the players' item box, where they can claim said rewards and use them in-game.

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