Ultra Street Fighter 4's Endings for Rolento, Poison, and Elena Surface Online [VIDEO]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Apr 25, 2014 09:11 AM EDT

Ultra Street Fighter IV hit Japanese arcades late last week, and since we've already had a look at the game's cinematic opening, why not go full circle and show you some of the endings for the game's "newish" newcomers? The footage isn't directly from Capcom, the quality is somewhat lacking, but it's better than nothing. And as the game is only in Japan at the moment, all the videos are in Japanese. But thanks to the purdy moving pictures, it's easy enough to figure out what's going on.

First up, the lady man of the Mad Gear gang, Poison.

Check out the gender bender's heartbreaking super and ultra combos here.

Next, we move onto another Mad Gear alumni, the baton twirling, grenade chucking soldier Rolento. Like Poison and Hugo, Rolento first appeared in Capcom's arcade smash hit, the beat 'em up Final Fight. Rolento would make his Street Fighter debut alongside other Final Fight characters like Guy, Cody, and Sodom in the Street Fighter Alpha series.

If you're hungry for more Rolento, you can see some gameplay footage of him in action here, and his super and ultra combos here.

Next, the capoeira kicking and long legged Elena, who's been M.I.A. since her debut in Street Fighter III.

Addition gameplay footage of Elena can be viewed here, and her super and ultra combos here.

That still leaves us with the enders for the Andre the Giant styled Hugo, yet another Mad Gear alumni, and the game's only actual new character, Decapre, a Shadowloo Doll along the lines of Cammy, and Street Fighter Alpha 3's Juni and Juli. We'll update accordingly as soon as that footage finds its way online.

Already out in arcades in Japan, fighter fans looking to try out Ultra and its "new" characters at home will have to wait until the game releases on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in June. The game will release in two forms, with the player picking whichever they like:

1. As a $15 DLC upgrade - choose this route if you already have a copy of Street Fighter IV. With the price breakdown, it means you get each new character at $3 each.
2. As an all-new physical release, on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Besides the new characters, players will also get six new stages, all of which featured in Street Fighter X Tekken: Cosmic Elevator, Mad Gear Hideout, Jurassic Era Research Facility, Blast Furnace, and Pitstop 109.

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