'Transformers Age Of Extinction' App Download Now Available On Apple Store And Google

By Luca Saitta , Updated Jul 02, 2014 11:54 AM EDT

Coinciding with the release of Michael Bay's newest orgy of toy-based destruction, Hasbro has released a free app to Android and iPhone. Can your phone handle the Bayhem?

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The free Transformers: Age of Extinction app for iPhone and Android allows you to learn exciting Autobot and Decepticon lore and engage in a battle for the fate of Earth, all for the same amount of dollars as stars that the movies get from your average critic. An evil Decepticon intelligence has infected your device, and it is up to you and other players to combat it in a worldwide free-for-all of apocalyptic yet hand-held proportions. Collect Energon by completing weekly missions and recruiting other players. App-size varies slightly across platforms, with a 125 MB download for the Android against the 133 one for iPhone and iPad.

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The store description promises exclusive content and clues about the upcoming movie such as showtimes and trailers, along with bios of characters and looks at the new bots such as the fat one voiced by John Goodman and the Japanese one called Drift (!) voiced by Ken Watanabe. There's even a look at the new toyline based on the new movie based on an old toyline, should you not be convinced that most of the app's functionality is also covered by the IMDb one! The choice is yours, human: pay $10 or more to find these things out in a movie theater, or download this app for free. Freedom is the right of all sentient beings, after all!

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