FIFA 15 News: Roundup Of Details From Gamescom Including Updated Pro Clubs, EASFC, And Real-Life Match Day News

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Aug 18, 2014 03:11 PM EDT

EA Sports released plenty of new FIFA 15 details during Gamescom, covering each of the game modes and outlining what changes or improvements to expect.

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So far, we've covered the more intelligent goalkeepers, Career mode details, and the Ultimate Team additions. EA posted some smaller details as well that we'll take a look at now concerning Matchday, Pro Clubs, and EA Sports Football Club.

The developers are making an effort to incorporate real-life news into the game with Match Day Live, which uses stories as in-game news posts. This will seemingly keep players up to date on real-life transfers and injuries, all of which will likely be reflected in the Match Day roster updates. EA's post explains that you can follow your favorite teams and players, rather than just all news.

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EA Sports Football Club--the social and account-management section usually accessible along the top of every menu--is getting a redesign. They've created a widget to display across all menus, which can be used (like before) to interact with friends and purchase items from the catalogue. It's more or less the same function, but in a new, more streamlined package.

Similarly, the improvements to the Pro Clubs are made to simplify the experience. When searching for random individuals to join rather than playing with friends, the game will keep other players from the previous match in your next one, reducing wait time. It keeps positions and captaincy as well, removing the scramble for positions.

Another big addition for the mode is the ability to scout for a teammate for your Pro Club, searching other players' pros by need. Editing your pro's style and animations is now possible, as well.

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