Sony Japan Announces Limited Edition 'Dragon Quest Heroes' Metallic Gray PS4, Complete With Metal Slime USB Plug-in

By Connor Sears , Updated Sep 02, 2014 03:49 PM EDT

It was announced this week that Dragon Quest Heroes, an arena combat spin-off for the RPG series akin to what Hyrule Warriors is to Zelda, would be coming to Japanese PlayStation 4s sometime in 2015. Little did we know what this would really mean for the console.

Dragon Quest Heroes In Development For PS3 And PS4

Sony Japan announced that a limited edition Dragon Quest Heroes PS4 would be released in Japanese markets. The machine itself is actually quite lovely. A metallic silver-looking console with a tasteful decal of the series' iconic Slime on the top comes with a matching DualShock 4 for a package that looks to celebrate the coming game very well.

But this wouldn't be a very interesting news story if that was the end of it.

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The package also comes with a figurine of an oozing, bubbling Metal Slime that is made to sit on top of the console and actually plug into the system's USB port. The figure can, of course, be removed for those players who, you know, have aesthetic standards, but it ships with the system nonetheless.

The limited edition console should be a wonderful option for fans who want to openly display their undying love for the Dragon Quest series, a love that burns so bright it doesn't mind a Metal Slime figurine taking up valuable USB real estate on their new-gen console. For those that choose to keep the little guy unplugged, though, the base console is still a fine tribute to the franchise.

There's no word yet on whether the console or even the game will come Stateside, but just knowing that production time and effort is going into making these consoles is enough to make one excited about what kind of special edition consoles we'll see next.

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