Avengers 3 News And Rumors: The Battle With Thanos Might Take Two Movies, Include The Guardians Of The Galaxy

By Luca Saitta , Updated Sep 27, 2014 08:47 AM EDT

Ever since the mid-credits sequence to 2012's Avengers, we've known that Marvel was building their universe up to a confrontation with Thanos, the Mad Titan. Everyone at first assumed this would happen in the second Avengers movie due out this May. When it was announced the title was actually Age Of Ultron, many minds were blown with regards to the long game Marvel was playing, but it might just turn out to be even longer...

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The Daily Marvelite claims to have inside sources over at Marvel Studios that tell them the third titanic team-up movie featuring Earth's Mightiest Heroes might just spin out into two entries. Whether or not the actual story for the second movie will be split in half with a cliffhanger like in The Hunger Games and Harry Potter, or they're just making the saga of Thanos a bit longer, is unknown at this point.

Vin Diesel (the voice of Groot in Guardians Of The Galaxy) had earlier promised a "merging of the brands" for Phase 3, so perhaps the Guardians - whose success surely has outstripped anyone's expectations this summer - may be the cause of a recalibration of Marvel's plans. They're the biggest hit of the year so far, and with the big Thanos connection the movie has going for it, they could have found themselves a lot more integral to Phase 3 plans than previously imagined.

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Avengers 2, meanwhile, is coming to theaters May 1, 2015. That much we know for sure!

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