Dead Island: Epidemic Open Beta Goes Live: Zombie-Filled Battle Arena Free To Play On Steam

By Connor Sears , Updated Dec 05, 2014 03:56 PM EST

Dead Island: Epidemic, the game that takes the battle arena genre and throws in hack-and-slash zombie killing, is now in open beta, and can be downloaded for free off Steam Early Access.

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As Dead Island: Epidemic moves toward its release (currently set for early next year), it's opening up early access to everyone to get as much feedback as possible during this last stretch of development. The developer hopes to use the time between now and the full release to make sure everything is appropriately balanced in the game. They could even throw in new features and game modes if they see enough demand for it.

In honor of the game's open beta, Dead Island: Epidemic is also getting a sizable content update. The biggest new feature is a game mode called Crossroads, a PvE mode that lets you and three buddies team up to complete four randomly generated missions when the excitement of killing other players starts to wear thin.

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The game has also taken out level progression for individual characters. Now, when a player levels up, all of his characters will receive a bonus, keeping all of them on the same playing field.

In terms of other changes made in advanced of the open beta, the crafting system has been removed in favor of a loot-based weapon upgrade system where players will receive weapon mods in loot drops. Finally, characters no longer possess a weapon expertise. Instead, the developers have added passive abilities to each of them.

The open beta for Dead Island: Epidemic can now be played for free on Steam.

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