Wolverines #1 Comic Preview: New Weekly Series Picks Up Next Month After Death Of Iconic Character

By Donyae Coles , Updated Dec 11, 2014 12:01 PM EST

Wolverines #1 is starting up in January. Spoiler alert, he's still dead. This isn't the revival of Wolverine.  But don't worry, your favorite mutant is still in the series, as an adamantium-encased corpse that everyone wants to get their hands on. After meeting his end in the Death of Logan, it seems that everyone still wants a piece of him.

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 Death has taken the hero into infamy in the comic universe and now various factions want to get their hands on his mortal remains for their own purposes. On the other side of the board exists the almost, not quite, versions of Wolverine.

X-23, Sabertooth, Draken, and Lady Deathstrike all have a part to play in this new series. Co-writer Ray Fawkes spoke on the inclusion of these characters and their journey in the new book, "In a way, most of the characters featured in [Wolverines] are incomplete reflections of Wolverine. Perhaps now that he's gone, they are free to fully realize themselves? Or maybe they'll be annihilated by the void that he's left behind?"

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Although shady shape shifter Mystique is involved in the series, she is not the main villain of the tale. The events of this comic series will force both friends and enemies to put aside their pasts and work together against a larger threat. Some people work better together than others.

The weekly series starts in January or 2015. Charles Soule and Ray Rawkes will be writing while Nick Bradshaw and Alisson Borges will be doing the art.

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