Oculus Rift Release Date News: Creator Palmer Lucky Expects Winter 2015 Launch For Facebook-Owned Virtual Reality Headset

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jan 02, 2015 02:31 PM EST

Oculus Rift has made big waves in the gaming and technology space, but nobody is still sure exactly when to expect it. A recent interview with Oculus founder Palmer Lucky has narrowed down the release window, revealing that it could be on sale next winter.

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Speaking to The Telegraph, as reported by VR Focus, Lucky estimated a winter 2015 launch for the first consumer version of the VR headset, though it was hardly a set-in-stone date. Before this, the most we had been told about a launch was that it was still "months" away.

The current prototype of the product, Crescent Bay, may still be improved upon further before release, possibly even upgraded to a new model. The current OLED display is said to be better than the second development kit's 1080p screen, and Crescent Bay also features integrated audio and full 360 degree positional tracking.

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The consumer launch of the Oculus Rift will be extremely interesting to watch. The device has obviously gotten a massive amount of attention, particularly following its $2 billion purchase by Facebook, but much of that comes within tech enthusiast circles. Hands-on experiences have been overwhelmingly positive for those who have tested Oculus at trade shows, in private, or through acquisition of the DK2, but its mass market appeal is still in doubt.

The idea of effective virtual reality sells, but will it appeal enough for consumers to pay hundreds of dollars to try it? Hundreds of thousands of gamers will certainly be interested, and Facebook will push and use the device in other areas. Whichever way the launch unfolds, Oculus Rift will be one of the biggest stories this year and next.

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