Dark Souls 2 Update News: Huge Patch Coming February 5 In Preparation For Scholar Of The First Sin, See Changes Here

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jan 15, 2015 10:14 AM EST

A comprehensive update for Dark Souls 2 will be arriving on February 5, adding a multitude of fixes and additions in preparation for the release of The Scholar of the FIrst Sin.

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Announced on Bandai Namco's Tumblr, the comprehensive patch will do everything from improving online play to changing drops and tweaking the effects of items and spells. It will also add a new character, The Scholar of First Sin, who is of course tied in to the upcoming content.

A new item, the Agape Ring, will be available to every player. During online play, the ring collects the souls you gather rather than the player, allowing you to "control their online matchmaking experience by limiting their total souls collected".

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The patch notes are detailed and long, so fans can pick over what they'd like to read more about. This is a portion of the many fixes--you can find the rest at the link above:

- Added new character, The Scholar of the First Sin.

- Additional item description text.

- Choosing to enter the Covenant of Champions will now allow enemies to continue to respawn after being defeated.

- Choosing to enter the Covenant of Champions will now cause enemies to inflict more damage to the player.

- Players will gain access to a new item: The Agape Ring. When players equip the new Agape Ring, souls collected from kills during online play will be absorbed by the ring rather than the player. This allows players to control their online matchmaking experience by limiting their total souls collected.

- Increased effect of Rusted Coin.

- Awestones now dropped more often.

- The bonfire warp selection screen will now highlight the top three areas where players will have the best change to connect with other players online.

- White phantoms will remain in other players' worlds for longer periods of time.

- White phantoms will no longer return to their world if time runs out during a boss battle.

- Players on their first play through can now match with players on their 2nd or further play through.

- Made it easier for players to match online in general.

- Made it so that invading players cannot use items which invite more enemies.

- NPC conversation text is now displayed more prominently than online notices.

- Players may now choose to cancel out the effect of the Human Effigy at bonfires.

- When a player cannot take part in online play due to the effect of the Human Effigy, made it so that the player can still write signs. (They still cannot summon during this period.)

- The Imitation spell now affects normal enemies.

- The Hush spell is now more effective on normal enemies.

- Load times shortened (PS3 only).

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