Clash Of Clans Barbarians And Dragons Event Ends Today; Last Chance To Speedbuild Your Army Like Liam Neeson

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 05, 2015 09:16 AM EST

Alas, much like the mythical creatures, the speedy dragons are soon to be gone from this world.

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Yes, it is true: the Clash of Clans Barbarian and Dragon event is coming to an end today. The Dragon and Barbarian event is dead. Long live the Dragon and Barbarian event!

With it, we say goodbye to the 5x training speed for both units. While waiting 20 seconds for a Barbarian to get ready for battle isn't all that bad, I was rather enjoying my six minute dragons. Anytime I have to wait more than a sitcom episode for something to finish, I get impatient. But thirty minutes for dragons?

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I don't know if I can go back.

Nor did we ever settle on a name for the event. I personally like Dragonian (as opposed to Dragonion, with an 'o' or Dragoonian, which is the Dragon/Minion attack), Dragbarian was a popular one, Bardragian, perhaps. We could always go with something relevant to the Super Bowl winning Liam Neeson commercial, maybe call it the Gawain after the actor's role in Excalibur, the Darkman or just 'Straight Tooken' (starring the incomparable Liam Neesons).

The dream was a good one while it lasted and a much welcome surprise. That Clash of Clans commercial, right? Highly unexpected. The gambit paid off, and while it's hard to improve on the massive amount of numbers Clash of Clans already boasts, the commercial did attract a new audience, which is surely just a drop in the bucket of Supercell's millions of dollars per day.

So, while Taken 3 sinks at the box office, Clash of Clans soars. Now, to synergize: Liam Neeson battling dragons. It must happen.

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