Midnight Star Strategy Guide: Tips, Advice And Lessons To Guarantee Maximum Victory In The iOS Shooter

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 04, 2015 11:47 AM EST

Midnight Star is a relatively new mobile FPS shooter game from former Bungie co-founder Alex Seropian. We absolutely love the thing, but it we admit that it can be a little tricky to get a handle for.

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FPS fans may find the lack of movement troubling, and mobile fans - who may be used to a less frantic on-screen presence - could be overwhelmed. While I feel like Midnight Star does what it does better than anyone else, we're here to give a few lessons on how to make it all work and get you that full that high score.

First, you have to understand how the weapon targeting works. The pistol you start the game off with is a bit slow, but very accurate. It will shoot where you tap, but its small clip and slight recoil make it a bit unwieldy. It's easy to get frustrated with it. The Old Reliable and other rifles, which you will be going through the main game with the majority of the time, shoot just a little bit above where you point, meaning you need to adjust accordingly.

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The Shotgun, on the other hand, isn't the most accurate thing but it doesn't have to be. It delivers a punch that can knock even the bigger aliens on their butts quickly, though the reload and small clip size again are somewhat limiting. I enjoy the frenetic mess of firing, reloading, nearly emptying my clip, then reloading again.

Midnight Star will ask a lot of you. You have to be keenly aware of your situation. The three main things to focus on are your left and right 'threat meters', and your ammo. On the latter: always keep a second gun fully loaded. Like in some console FPS, switching between guns is faster than doing an automatic reload. We advise you always reload when you're at critical, but we understand that sometimes you get caught up in the moment. Chances are, you're running through levels with one gun exclusively, but it's nice to have a backup you feel confident with.

Not so much a tip as it is a good skill to have: train your fingers to know the difference between the Shield setting and the Headshot setting. I find it initiating the shield works best with the thumb and forefinger, while aiming for a Headshot is best served with the forefinger and ring finger, as if you're throwing up the peace sign on your screen.

Don't be afraid to use the ring finger to shoot or turn to the right. It also comes in real handy when you're dealing with melee battles on the higher difficulties, as you may be faced with several hexagon targets at once, and time is limited.

The threat meter is your best friend. Due to the lack of walking and running, it will be your eyes for the surrounding area. You have to be fast, there's two ways around it. It bears saying and repeating: don't let the threat escalate. The Dust don't fire all that often, but that does not mean you should get complacent. Constantly move around. If the specific area you're looking at right now is amassing troops, turn right or left and de-escalate the situation there. Move, move, move, unless you're thoroughly overwhelmed.

Remember, you don't have to kill the larger or tougher enemies in one go. Pace around, and pick off the green guys for a Kill Streak, then return to the harder spawn to headshot them.

While you should upgrade your Levitation ability as fast as you can, to improve its cooldown and duration, knowing when to deploy it is key. The game rewards you bonus points for quick kills (when you defeat an enemy within three seconds of defeating a previous enemy) and the Levitation helps in this. However, if you want to maximize your Levitation streak, don't just throw it up when the going gets tough, like preparing a steak before you cook it, you have to tenderize the meat. Knock down the enemies to low life - but don't kill them - reload, and then hit the Levitate ability. How often have you lifted a blue or red enemy, along with a number of lower level green ones, only to waste your entire clip and not even get a Levitation kill for your trouble? Too many, right? This takes some getting used to, especially in later levels or the Hardcore modes, but it is absolutely vital. Killstreaks save lives, after all, and reward extra experience and Element, too.

Of course, the greatest power in the game - as in life - is money. Upgrades, perks, etc are available to those who pay, though it does not guarantee success.

You can download Midnight Star for iOS today.

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