Preacher Casting News: Ian Colletti Cast As Arseface In Upcoming AMC Television Series

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 20, 2015 12:22 PM EDT

The Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg adaptation of Garth Ennis' seminal graphic novel series Preacher has found its newest Arse. Arseface, that is.

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Deadline has reported that Ian Colletti will be joining the supernatural adventure show on AMC as Eugene Root, the uber-grunge fan who takes his love of Kurt Cobain just a little too far. In a world full of beautiful creatures who are rotten on the inside - including main character Jesse Custer - Eugene, who is known as Arseface in the comics, is quite the opposite. He's the sweetest, kindest boy you'll ever meet, even if most people who look at him uncontrollably vomit.

Colletti is the second actor cast for the series. Ruth Negga was announced earlier yesterday as the hard drinking, foul-mouthed Tulip who, along with Jesse and an Irish vampire named Cassidy set out across America to - quite literally - find God. Because He's a wretched sonofabitch.

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The inclusion of Arseface is a sign that the production is going in the right direction. The character is...controversial, not to mention a make-up nightmare (we won't actually get to see much of Colletti's babyface) but is an important element in the story. That AMC is letting Rogen and Goldberg stick with him boosts our confidence in the faithfulness of the adaptation. Though we look forward to seeing how they'll play jazz with Ennis' supremely wonderful world.

Preacher has been in development a long time, with multiple directors and creators attempting to make a go of it. Kevin Smith, Mark Steven Johnson were tapped to create it on two separate occasions, and James Marsden was even cast in the lead over a decade ago. Leave it to Rogen and Goldberg, who last worked on The Interview, to make it happen. Their particular brand of dark humor and endless cursing is a perfect fit for the television series, even if they'll have to tone down some of the language. There's plenty more to be outraged about, like...well, I guess you'll have to see.

Hopefully, there will be casting news on Jesse and Cassidy in the coming weeks. Sadly, I think Clint Eastwood is too old to play the Saint O' Killers, the relentless, supernatural being that hunts Jesse, and others, in their quest. What's Javier Bardem up to these days?

Timothy Olyphant is finishing up Justified this season. And he did already play Clint in Rango. Needless to say, we can't wait to see this show finally come to life.

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