Destiny House Of Wolves News: Expansion Will Have No Raid, But A New Arena Mode & Upgradeable Legendaries

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Apr 14, 2015 01:05 PM EDT

Destiny players have been looking forward to the House of Wolves for a long time, but details have been relatively scarce. Yesterday, the curtain was finally pulled back on the game's second expansion.

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Unfortunately, not all of the news will be positively received by fans. First the debut trailer was posted following the release date announcement, which was an exciting prologue for the events to come in House of Wolves. The bad news came later in the day, when Bungie announced the expansion would not contain a Raid.

There was never a discrete promise that there would be a third Raid in the expansion, but to say that was an expectation among the fan base is an understatement. The main game and The Dark Below both included a Raid, and the cooperative dungeon missions are a big (if not the only) reason to continue pushing for new and better gear. A third Raid is on the way, but it will not be included in House of Wolves at launch.

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"House of Wolves will not have a Raid activity," the Bungie blog post states. "We didn't make this decision lightly. Our team has been humbled by the reception of Raids in Destiny and we are creating a new Raid for a release later this year. House of Wolves will have a new cooperative end game activity focused on variety, replayability, and skill - a new battle Arena called The Prison of Elders."

The new mode sounds welcome (full reveal May 6), and could certainly be fun--players should be willing to give it a chance. But if asked, most of them would likely take a third Raid at launch, given that it has been the most anticipated new content for some time. Crota's End had (and continues to have) bugs and issues, and Bungie perhaps wants to avoid criticism this time around.

Other features are coming, though, such as the ability to upgrade Legendaries. This is great news being overshadowed by the lack of Raid--your favorite purple weapons may finally be able to stay relevant and useful. Stay tuned for more coverage on House of Wolves as Bungie unrolls its reveal schedule.

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