'Destiny' Trials Of Osiris Perfect 9-0 Run Video: Watch Our Clean Sweep Of House Of Wolves' New Crucible Mode

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 25, 2015 03:32 PM EDT

Destiny's Trial of Osiris is an intense, entertaining new mode with its own unique rewards. You have to pick up a certain number of wins to earn the new loot, and the quality of your payout increases with the number of victories you achieve.

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Below is a video of my Fireteam completing a 9-0 run through Trials of Osiris, the highest level of success you can achieve in the mode. There's a special area only those who complete the whole run without losing can access, which includes a chest with an Exotic and other loot.

If you're unclear how the wins system works, here's the breakdown: when you begin the mode, you get a special pass from the Trials of Osiris vendor, Brother Vance, which allows entry into the Crucible arena. This pass--and your attempt at Trials--runs out when you either lose three games or win nine matches. Your success determines the rewards you get: win only two or three games, and you can only buy the low level reward packages.

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Winning up to seven gets you a weapon and armor, and eight is the gold tier reward. Winning nine in itself doesn't earn a new rewards tier, but doing it flawlessly will get you access to that new area, The Lighthouse on Mercury. I didn't start the video at the beginning of our run, not knowing how close to a flawless we would get and not wanting the video to be too long, but most of the wins are recorded. Apologies for the chat audio, as well--the party chat was meant to be off, so bear with our chatter (or mute us and don't!). I'm fairly sure the audio was set to ignore chat, and only one of our voices seems to be captured in the video, very odd. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the footage!

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