iOS 10 Latest News, Release Date & Update: Customized to iPhones without 3D Touch? Rich Notifications Include Older iPhone Models Too?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Jun 18, 2016 11:00 AM EDT

As far as 3D Touch functionality is concerned, older iPhone models have been left out of the current new features for better touch-based interface. The said feature took the spotlight with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and stands to become more prevalent once iOS 10 comes out.

iOS 10 will be bringing in a wide array of new features tied up with 3D Touch, most especially the ‘rich notifications’ feature. With older iPhones not having 3D Touch, many were under the impression that the feature will not be of much use for older models.

That was until Apple assured developers that the ‘rich notifications’ would still enjoy the functionality via Apple Insider. The only problem is how this will be done in iOS 10.

How will iOS 10 ‘Rich Notifications’ be of use to older iPhones?

With older iPhones, the immediate question is on how Apple will pull the use of ‘rich notifications’ via iOS 10 on the devices once it does come out in the open. This is one question that is currently puzzling owners though Instagram may have offered a potential twist.

This comes in the form of ‘long holds’ as mentioned via Ubergizmo. The alleged ‘long holds’ could be a recourse and something that could be possible, eventually rendering a pop up notification in iOS 10.

Apple will come up with something

While that Instagram feature seems reasonable, there is no word if this will be one of Apple’s potential considerations. With iOS 10 still in the beta stages, Apple is still trying to come up with a way to have ‘rich notifications’ on older iPhones sans the aid of a 3D touch.

But just the same, the fact that Apple has not completely turned its back on older models should be a good sign though many would be better off upgrading their old iPhones instead. That is something only the end user can decide on -- to upgrade to iOS 10 or not.

iOS 10 will be a free update once cleared, something compatible with the iPhone 5 or newer, iPad mini 2 or newer, and sixth-generation iPod touch.

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