Hyperkin 'Smart Boy' E3 2016 News & Updates: Get Your Hands On The Game Boy Device For iPhone And Android

By Belle Smith , Updated Jun 19, 2016 07:09 PM EDT

Remember when an amusing photo of an iPhone with a case shaped like a Game Boy made its rounds around the internet last year? The awesome image was a hilarious April Fools' joke from Hyperkin, who lovingly called the device the Smart Boy.

However, it looks like the Smart Boy could turn out to be more than just another prank at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016.

Hyperkin's Smart Boy Unveiled At E3 2016

Neowin reports that Hyperkin has decided that Smart Boy was an awesome idea that needed to become a reality. The company has just unveiled the nifty device at E3, confirming that the Smart Boy can turn any smartphone into a Game Boy.

An actual working Alpha Build for Smart Boy was revealed by Hyperkin at E3 2016. That's right, a working Alpha Build complete with those large Game Boy buttons and a cartridge slot.

The device even has the corrugated grip on the sides and is roughly the same thickness as the old Game Boy.

But should Game Boy die-hards invest in an iPhone to work with the Smart Boy? According to Android Community, the device will be compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones.

It certainly looks like the only thing people need to do now is dig up the old Game Boy cartridges and wait a little longer. Hyperkin confirmed that they will continue working on the retail version of the Smart Boy.

The Smart Boy will reportedly cost around $60 a pop. Hyperkin will unleash the device by December this year, but those who simply cannot wait can also pre-order the Smart Boy here.

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