Star Wars: The Old Republic: Bioware Says Lots Of New Content Coming To The MMORPG

By Juan G. Rodriguez , Updated Sep 12, 2012 02:03 PM EDT

Star Wars: The Old Republic is becoming a free-to-play title but that doesn't mean Bioware is going to stop providing content. In fact Bioware says it plans to release new content on a six-week schedule.

The news comes form a recent AusGamers' interview with Bioware Austin GM Matt Bromberg, who made the announcement regarding the new content update plan as well as a new incentive to get paid subscribers back when Star Wars: The Old Republic becomes a free-to-play title.

"We're committed to: about every six weeks, doing a major update for the game -- which would be a new Warzone, a new Operation, a new Flashpoint, a new event -- and to doing that on a really frequent cadence, every six weeks," Bromberg told AusGamers. "So we're going to stick to that."

 "Terror from Beyond" is one of the game's most recent updates and according to the Star Wars: The Old Republic's official site, "you will be called upon to face a mysterious new threat that's emerged from one of the most obscure places in the galaxy: the Gree planet of Asation. The Gree have been safeguarding ancient technologies on the planet for centuries, but seemingly on its own, one of the technologies, called a "Hypergate" has been activated. Terrible creatures have begun emerging from this Hypergate, and the Gree fear the worst is yet to come."

Bromberg also told AusGamers that gamers who had subscribed to the MMO would receive "Cartel Coins." Supposedly, the Cartel Coins will be retroactive based on how long you have subscribed.

"As well as the free-to-play launch -- which is coming in the fall -- we announced that subscribers who have lapsed are already qualified to get Cartel Coins, which will be the in-game currency in the game once free-to-play launches. So you get credit, not just for becoming a subscriber now, going forward, but also for all the time that you were a subscriber, you get more credits and more coin. So we're hoping that that will encourage people to come back to the game and try it now."

Will the promises of added content bring back gamers? Will you return to the game? Comment below...

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