Macbook Pro 2016 Release Date, News & Update: macOS Sierra Reveals Major Changes; Second Gen USB 3.1 Ports Offer Ultra-Fast Transfer Speed?

By Ritwik Roy , Updated Sep 01, 2016 11:13 AM EDT

Latest updates on Apple MacBook Pro 2016 suggest that the widely-anticipated device will undergo major change in specifications and will be redesigned. Apple will focus on the device's software upgrades and overall aesthetics. The upgrades are believed to be applicable to future generations of Mac devices too.

The tech giant is rumored to be making radical changes to its MacBook Pro 2016, something it hasn't done for years. Some sources have revealed that the device will still have the usual 13-inch and 15-inch screen sizes along with the high-resolution Retina display.

If the "radical changes" news proves to be true, it would be perfect timing for Apple because it really needs a major makeover. According to International Business Times, it was macOS Sierra that hinted changes to the Apple Macbook Pro 2016 USB feature.

The laptop is rumored to be implementing an ultra-fast second gen USB 3.1. A code for the ultra-fast USB has been seen at the beta version of the macOS. If Apple Macbook Pro 2016 does come with a USB 3.1 support, it would have transfer speeds of up to 10GB/sec.

Previous MAC devices' USB 3.1 ports offered speeds of up to 5GB/sec. OS X El Capitan does not support a 10 GB/sec speed on its port. However, Macbook Pro 2016 will have the ultra-fast USB 3.1 port that will allow transfers at 10GB/sec. This could also be incorporated in all future Macbook laptops.

As per iTech Post, Thunderbolt 3 for the Apple Macbook Pro 2016 is also a possibility. It supports both 10GB/sec USB 3.1 ports as well as DisplayPort 1.2. The laptop's small touchscreen with OLED display will also be a big draw as it will act as the top function keys. Rumors surrounding the inclusion of the touch-screen have also been backed by the macOS Sierra.

Intel's new Skylake platform may also be making its way to the MacBook Pro 2016. It will provide major upgraded performance especially in terms of higher CPU speeds and battery life (may add more than 30 percent). Apple's Touch ID fingerprint recognition technology is also expected, reports University Herald.

The Apple MacBook Pro 2016 may be launched late this year in October or November. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for the latest news and updates about the MacBook Pro 2016!

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